Heroes 9/22

Pretty good, so far.

Did they just change Hiro’s power from stopping time to “massively slowing it down”?

If Peter wanted to get in the warehouse so badly in the beginning, why didn’t he teleport there?

This is way better than season 2. Please, please, please, hold this quality for at least most of the season.

This thread wasn’t here when I started mine. :mad::smack:

And vice versa! :slight_smile:

Sylar makes fun of all the brain eating rumors, that was hilarious.

God, their making Mohinder the epitome of the “scientist with no morals,” aren’t they?

You’d think that he’d know, between Sylar, The Company, and all the bad shit he’s seen surrounding the powers that any random Joe being able to have them would be BAD.

Are they? I haven’t started watching it yet. That disappoints me, I hope it isn’t a trend. I might have to give up the show and that would suck.

That was a seriously good episode. I’ll admit however to being pre-disposed to liking anything that finishes off with Yeats.

But that single poem (especially the last line about ‘slouching towards Bethlehem’) is used so much.

I’m having Jeff Goldblum flashbacks.

Not often do you hear the entire poem, and Yeats is by way of being my favourite poet.

I guess I’ll be the dissenting voice here.

I hope I’m not spoiling anything to say that this season starts with, and brace yourself for a shock, an apocalyptic vision of the future. :eek: I know. Same start and plot as the last two seasons. They have to stop the bad future from happening. Again.

I’m starting this season on the fence about this show. I really enjoyed season 1, but found season 2 to be rather flat. Blame that on the writer’s strike. This season there is no excuse, and it’s not looking good.

“I just needed to feel something.” ?!?!?! Is Claire going emo?

Is Nathan the only one seeing “Linderman”?

My wife is wondering if this is some kind of “Sixth Sense” or “Fight Club” thing where Linderman is not really there.

Is she right or have other interacted with him?


So far only Nathan has. Linderman nodded slightly to Jessica/Nikki/Tracy (who is some sort of Ice Queen now? :confused:) but she never acknowledged him back.

What did Mohinder just pull out of his shoulder? Is it supposed to be clear/obvious? Because it looked like a macaroni shell to me.

Omg i so called it.

His skin. He’s falling apart, or something.

Who didn’t predict this?


My wife is sooooooooooooo right!

She called this big time!

Who did heal him?


Healed who?

And mama Patrelli is also mama Sylar? Fuck me!

FINALLY, that stupid “Mama Petrelli has mind control powerz, (even though no one actually listens to her)” fanwank gets stabbed through the heart. w00t!

That alone, worth it. Well, that and Mohinder finally paying the price for being a Grade A Moron. Maya probably gave him cooties, too.

Wow. Well, there is a bit of a family resemblance there.
I’m still digesting everything that happened. Not digesting brains though, that’s disgusting.