Heroes 12/8/08 "Our Father" (spoilers)

Here we go again. Time traveling again, but at least its back to one of our old favorite rooftops. Plus, Arthur and Nathan teamup, Peter and the Haitian teamup, and Sylar maybe eats more brains!

Since they’ve fallen into the habit of having someone switch sides each week, I’m going to guess that Fire Mom switches sides this week. It’s been a while since we’ve seen her, and they don’t really have anything better to do with her, now do they?

I think Claire and Hiro should have sex, just so fandom can spend the next 3 years sniping about which one of them would be the perv.

I’m so freakin’ *tired *of all the time travel in this show. It doesn’t work, and it just screws everything up.

I totally noticed Elle breathing when they showed her so i figured they were going to cop out and keep her alive, glad they didnt.


Why, Gabriel, why??? Such a mess…

Well… at least he didn’t get an annoying redheaded girl as his power this time.

Actually, I liked this episode. The in-the-past bits with Claire and Hiro were good, the present parts with Sylar were great, even the Peter and Nathan parts weren’t too dull.

And they got rid of two characters this time! w00t, bodycount. Alas that Fear Guy and Blue Fire Guy weren’t among the corpses of useless characters. And still no sign of Fire Mom.

Hopefully this means we get to see old Hiro next episode.

And I’m not sure how I feel about a main character of the 4400, and one who had no powers but took a formula to get one, becoming a character on Heroes.

Sylar not the lost Petrelli? Thank ya jeezus! But after prancing through an office building covered with chocolate icing and blood, I’d better be seeing Agent Hansen back, dammit! He’s just getting too cocky. Burning chicks on the beach, killing spree at Initech- there’s gonna be law enforcement!

So- the catalyst ghost rising from Arthur’s body- do we presume Peter absorbed the jello-activator?

How did Arthur Petrelli time travel back to steal the catalyst from Hiro? How did he even know to do it? How did he know that Peter was in the building – does he have spidey sense now?

Other than that, the episode was pretty good.

He stole the time travel power from peter. He knew to do it because sylar failed at getting the catalyst and went rogue on him, i guess he figured he might as well go get it himself when it was easy. I assume he has some kind of spidey sense type power, or security cams maybe.

Oh I forgot about him having Peters powers. That means he can also read minds, which means he probably just heard Peter’s thoughts.

Yes, but how did he know to travel back in time to get the catalyst from Hiro? Maybe he subscribes to the 8th Wonder comic, too?

He didn’t he came to get it from claire, he said he got lucky when he over heard them talking.

He could write the Eighth Wonder comic himself – he has the prognostipainting power. From Usutu and from Peter.

Real question is, why didn’t he go draw himself a picture of how he was going to bite it? 'S what Isaac and Usutu did, after all.

I figure every day at 10am Arthur goes, “hey, let’s go see what kind of trouble Nakamura’s kid is up to, and fuck him over”. Seems effective so far

I’m just tired of people pointing guns at other people and not pulling the trigger.

“You sly dog! You got me monologing!”

I think we learned something very important in this episode: The Haitian isn’t unstoppable. It looks like a strong enough telepath can overpower him.

Didn’t we already know that about the Haitian, though? Way back in Season 1 Matt managed to read his mind, somewhat, while the Haitian was trying to block his telepathy. Noah mentioned that Matt was “more advanced” than they’d thought.

The bits between Claire and her dad, and between Hiro and his mom, were really well done. Actually touching.