Heroes and Villains will be attacking on Macs!

As mentioned in the long CoH thread, where interested parties might not see it, City of Heroes & City of Villains will go cross-platform shortly after the latest Issue goes live. Anyone interested in being a beta tester for the Mac version of Good vs. Evil can sign up here.

GASP. This is… awesome.


Because Mac Beta has started.

how is CoH/CoV? As much grind as say WoW or something? That’s what’s always turned me off of MMORPGs (as a former Everquest/Asheron’s Call/Neocron/Dark Age of Camelot/WoW player…)

COH/COV is kind of grindy, yes. It’s fun too, but I found that everything was the same no matter what level I was… just scaled up to fit my level.

Also, a couple of years back when I played there was ZERO end game content. All you could do was have costume fashion show contest. Ugh.

I understand that it’s better now tho, in that regard.

On the plus side, the graphics were AWESOME and flying in COH/COV was so cool I once did almost nothing but fly around for 5 hours.

“Do these new cigarettes have any nicotine? That’s what always turned me off of cigs (as a 20-year smoker).” :wink: The grind is what makes MMOs work, and as much as players deny it, it’s why they play.

CoX (shorthand for CoH+CoV) has actually been playable on the Mac before now, there was just no ‘official’ client. Crossover for Mac has pretty good support for it at this point. I’m watching this with a wary eye, though; my roommate plays on the Mac, and Transgaming, the company who’s creating the client, has a bad history of DRMing their software and otherwise being incompetent boobs compared to Codeweavers, guys behind Crossover.

DRM would be a killer for me, I refuse to buy anything that’s heavyily DRM’d. It’s been proven time and again that DRM doesn’t work, the people who pirate the game don’t have to bother with crap like SecureROM because it’s taken out of the pirated version, so really it’s just a way of punishing the legitimate customers. If I gotta register a CD Key, fine, no biggie, but I refuse to touch anything with heavy DRM on it

FWIW, it’s not verified that there will be DRM attached to the client, and from things I’ve seen from community reps, NCSoft is going to make sure there’s none in it. DRM on an MMO client makes no sense anyway, even if you accept the premise that DRM does some good (which I don’t).

I agree, there were even a few companies awhile ago that provided the client as a free download. There’s no point in DRM on an MMO, they make most of their money in subscription fees anyway.

Also you know DRM is flawed when you know people who will buy the game legitimately but not open the box, they’ll just download a pirated version to play cause they don’t want SecureROM or any of its brethren on their computers. I know quite a few people who do this.

As for the MMO grind, I agree it’s like wanting a smoke without nicotine, but it’s also what turned me off from MMOs awhile ago. Just not my play style at all

Mac CoX commercials

Funny commercials.

I downloaded the beta and played it a bit on my mac. runs good, and didn’t have any problems. I just wasn’t enthralled. Although it was probably because no one was around to show me the ropes. I made a few characters though and got pretty good at the training area:P

Which server? Also, join the CECIL global chat group. There’s usually someone on who could answer questions or help you out.

FlightlessBird presumably is on a test server for Macs.

Oh - I thought the mac version was using the same servers as the PC.

The beta version probably has its own server. No word if FlightlessBird got the full version, which just went live this week.

That’s right, the population was so low that it must have been a test server. There was never anyone around. And today I got an email saying that my bet is complete and I now have to buy the game…thinking about it, but not sure yet.

Huh - for some reason, I thought the Mac version had been live for a while. I guess I should pay more attention.

Flightless Bird, if you do decide to buy in, CECIL has lots of heroes on Virtue and The Urban Legends has plenty of villains on Protector. Our global chat channel is #CECIL, as mentioned above.