Heroes' Co-Producers Fired

According to Variety

Apparently, although everyone declined comment, “it is understood” that it was because NBC was unhappy with the show’s direction this season. And probably budget overruns, and ratings slump.

Hmm. wonder which creative direction they didn’t like? They’ve gone in so many directions this season…

Sylar’s bad! No, he’s good! Mohinder is good! No, he’s bad! Peter is – well, okay, he’s still rather dim. And Not-Niki is still boring. Maybe they didn’t like Future Claire’s bad dyejob.

Haha. Good. I hope it is specifically for the practice of flipping coin each season to see whether each character will be Good or Bad (or Good pretending to be Bad, or Bad pretending to be Good!)

I hope they bring people in with some solid ideas for the direction of the show and a better ear for good storytelling. I can’t think of another tv show that has squandered so much potential for greatness. A show like *Lost *may be hit-or-miss and have some bad stretches, but even for Lost the good far outweighs the bad (IMHO).

I’ve actually liked this year better than last year, unlike Lost, which I personally gave up on a couple of episodes into season 3.

Yes, this year is better than last year, though it is still bad.

Dude, you gave up at the worst point in Lost. It’s so much better now, you should really come back to the “Lost” fold.

I gave up after three episodes this year. Boy, did this show go down the toilet.

This season? Why didn’t they do this *last *season?

I think it’s the “writing to the intelligence level of a 12 year old” creative direction that really annoys me. I gasp didn’t realise that Peter had just fallen out of a 7 storey building and survived! And that Sylar must have gasp slowed his fall! I needed to be told this twice, by Peter himself and Papa Petrelli, before I got it!


What the fuck kinda Variety headline is “‘Heroes’ duo get the ax” ?
In the old days it’d’ve been: "Heroes Zeros Feel Villain’s Chillin’ "
Has journalism really fallen so far?

So… there wasn’t a new episode tonight, right? My crappy TimeWarner DVR didn’t record it.

I don’t believe so. No Heroes, no Chuck - something else took over the NBC timeslots, but I can’t remember what.

They should bring in Brian Fuller, who wrote the excellent “Company Man” episode from season one.

I think this could really be the beginning (or probably more rather ‘the middle’) of the end for this once promising show.

I actually enjoyed season 2, but I watched it all over a week or so rather than in broadcast instalments. This season, which I’m watching as broadcast (although we’re a week behind in the UK), I’m just finding rather ho-hum - it just doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. Seems unlikely they can turn it around this season and by next season I’ll probably have lost interest. I too stopped watching Lost a few episodes in to Season 3.


You have to be retarded to tease millions of Niki-hating fans by killing her off… only to bring her back as an even lamer character.

SNL’s Presidential Rehash…I mean Bash.

I think that one of their concepts is “comic fans demand hot chicks”. And she is a hot chick.

Hey, at least they got rid of the annoying kid (mostly. so far.)

As much as I enjoy Jeph Loeb being removed from superhero projects (next pull him off the Hulk comic, please) the ship has sailed. Changing the people at the top for a “new direction” (as I’m sure they’ll advertise it) won’t lure in people.

I’ve given up on the show. The second season was weak, the third is terrible. The straw the broke the camel’s back for me was when I tuned in after skipping a week or two for a scene where Claire, her biological mother, and her adoptive mother are forced into a game of Russian Roulette with a side of “Choose which you’ll shoot at!” Gee, the person who can’t be killed doing this; I wonder what possibly could happen. They dragged it out for ten, tensionless minutes where in the characters forgot Claire’s power and the producers apparently thought that the viewers had, before finally doing the obvious. That’s some terrible television and I erased the season pass from my Tivo.

So was this a special election event thing, or a “we’re yanking this completely” thing?

Dying of the Light gave me somewhat of a renewed hope that they might still pull something worthwhile out of the hat this season. I’d be disappointed to see it go now.

I think S2’s failure was primarily the decision to change direction once they realized the writers’ strike would force an early end to the season. Their original idea was a lot more interesting and I, for one, wouldn’t have minded a long cliffhanger (ie. incomplete season) as long as it served the better story.

I think they did the best they could in terms of trying to finish the season with 10 fewer episodes than they planned on. I just wish they’d decided to finish the season/storyline-as-originally-planned post-strike instead of figuring the fanbase to have such a short attention span that they’d prefer a hurried resolution over finishing the story a few months later.

S3… they seem to be directionally confused. I dunno if it’s just fallout from S2’s abrupt change in direction or what.

I gave up on this show about 4 episodes into this season. All the time travel and jumping from present to future just confused the hell out of me. I’ve taken it out of my DVR lineup even. Maybe I’ll try again after this season ends, and just do a marathon back to back day.