Heroic hippies in fantasy and science-fiction

Tantric sex, anti-war, marijuana legalizing, commune-living, neo-communist, pro-abortion, crystal healing heroes wanted! Think: comics, TV shows, movies, popular novels, games, etc.

Who’s a dirty hippie?

The heroes of The Time of the Hawklords are space-travelling musical dirty hippies.

God, what a wretched book that was.

Hobbits, of course.

Although I’m not so sure about the tantric sex.

One that comes to mind, although he’s more “leftie” than hippie and “villain” than hero: WATCHMEN’s Ozymandias. Smoked hashish, gave millions away to charity, backpacked through Europe and Africa, granted interviews with Rolling Stone analog Nova, has deep sciological and ecological concerns, was anti-conservative, practiced yoga, a vegetarian.

Iain Banks once described the people who make up The Culture as space hippies with ultra-powerful weaponry didn’t he?

Hey, I beat Lefthand of Dorkness for once.
If you are the type who thinks any leftwing leanings make one a hippie than try China Mieville’s The Iron Council for some good old fashioned revolutionary action.

His novels in general also figure some trippy drugtaking (though that’s not portrayed as particularyl “cool”, I don’t think and the main “heroes” does so unwittingly), some rather interesting interracial relationships and plenty of Bohemian types all over the place.

And the author wears an earring: Hippie!

I remember once reading a book called The Sheriff of Purgatory (20+ years ago, I’m amazed I remember the title). It is set in a post-collapse America where the titular sheriff takes down a mafia don with yoga (though he has some help from a company of acid-dropping army rangers).

Harry the Mailman in Lucifer’s Hammer.

Half the characters in any Spider Robinson novel. Particularly the ones that are copies of Spider Robinson.

Captain Trips from the Wild Cards novels.

Chester Anderson’s “The Butterfly Kid” tells how Greenwich Village freaks saved the world from giant blue lobsters. Supposedly based on (some) real events. Apparently out of print–hope I can still find my copy.

& how about Beats in space? Check out “The Beat Cluster”–a short story by the great Fritz Leiber.

In Comics : Ultimate Thor.

Heinlein’s Stranger in a Strange Land is chock full o’ communal sex and drug use. I doubt that RAH considered his characters to be “hippies,” but much of the rest of the world probably would.

The preposterously stereotyped Chester in Allan Moore’s Swamp Thing run.

No, Tom Bombadil represented the hippies in that one. Goldberry was his old lady.


Brother Power The Geek

Not quite… Tim Benzedrine’s old lady was Hashberry.
I agree, though, that the major reasons the hippies glommed onto LOTR as strongly as they did was Tom Bombadil. One of the reasons I can’t stand the character. (The other reason is that he really doesn’t have anything to do with the story.)

What were Hobbits smoking – tobacco – or the wacky tobaccy?

Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers. Hippies!

Omaha the Cat Dancer. Hip, Furry and Freaky.

And Prez, for that matter.

There’s the hippies from the third-season Star Trek episode “This Way To Eden,” but the less said about them, the better.

Old Man Waterfall from Futurama. Remember, he wants a Satanic funeral!

Yes-yes-yes. Providing a second example does not invalidate the first.