Heros and villians with Helmets rather than masks

From City of Heroes, there’s Statesman, Imperious, and Tyrant (two versions of the latter).

Is that a helmet that Hawkman wears?

What about Darth Vader???

Both Red Hoods wore helmets. The original, and Jason in his second costume, wore tall bucket style helmets that connected to their shoulders. Jason’s first costume is a motorcycle style helmet. Similarly Red X of the Teen Titans cartoon and associated comic.

The later Vigilantes (the ones who aren’t styled on a cowboy) also wear motorcycle-style helmets.

The second Ray wears a helmet styled after the first Ray’s mask.

The Knight, of course, wears a helmet. The first wore a simple spangenhelm, the current one wears a visored helmet styled after Batman’s mask. Several other members of the Club of Heroes wore them as well - Dark Ranger has a motorcycle-style helmet, Legionnairy has a Roman-style crested helm, the second and third Wingmen, like Knight, have helmets styled after Batman’s cowl.

On Batman related characters, the second, third, and fourth Owlmen all have helmets - styled after an Owl’s head, of course. (Also, after Batman’s cowl. Which is, itself, sometimes depicted as a helmet!)

And, speaking of Crime Syndicate/Society characters, 2 of the 3 evil Johnny Quicks have helmets - the second Crime Syndicate JQ had a silver helmet with a visor that covered his eyes and nose, the Crime Society JQ has one that’s rather like a bicycle helmet that extends down over his eyes and ears.

All pretty cool. Bought the game years ago and never played.

Bulletman and Bulletgirl.

No mention of Thor yet?

Also, the 70’s TV movie version of Captain America wore a motorcycle helmet as part of his costume.

Does Ma Hunkle count?

The Rocketeer has the coolest helmet ever. Art Deco FTW.

Boba Fett’s is alright.

Can a bucket be a helmet?

The Kurgan.

I’ll lobby for “full face mask as part of a helmet” qualifies as a helmet. I’m understanding this thread as treating “mask” as “something to hide the wearer’s identity”, whereas Lord Vader’s mask is part of his life-support system.

Plus samurai helmets incorporated full face masks; there are plenty of real world examples of other combat helmets providing full face protection.

Ant-man always wore a helmet, though I’m a little confused about what counts and what doesn’t in this tread.

The Whizzer.

Judge Death and Judge Fear {pictured being punched out}.

And while I’m on 2000AD characters, Rogue Trooper and Johnny Alpha.

Golden Age Atom, in his second costume.
Golden Age Starman.

Lots o helmets in the JSA, didja ever notice?

Tank from the DNAgents.

Speed Racer

Von Doom.

And Hawkman. Yes, he once called it a helmet, in the Silver Age.

Dream of the Endless wore a helmet made of one of his enemies.
Conan the Barbarian wore a helmet (quite frequently in Howard’s work, sometimes in the Marvel Comics)
Mysterio, could his globe be considered a helmet?
Doc Savage sometimes wore a bronze skullcap to protect his head. Could that be considered a helmet?