Heros and villians with Helmets rather than masks

For a costume for a concept character with a helmet rather than a mask I wanted to look at heroic and/or costumed characters that also had helmets.

Magneto, Juggernaut, I’m familiar with. Nothing too Camelot. What other comic heroes or villains have helmets?

Dr Fate wears one as well although the full head covering is not the way I’m going to go.

Villains: Loki, Galactus, Wizard
Heroes: Black Knight, Nova, I guess Iron Man is out since it is a mask/helmet.

Golden age Flash Jay Garrick.

Any of the powered armor types, like Iron Man.

Dark Helmet.

Nova, Something along those lines. Thanks.

True, I’m thinking Helmet mask, something like Nova

or the DC Universe Cyclotron

so the character looks more human than robot. Although that cool auto descending helmet thing might work. Extends down for action, slides up for talking.

:smiley: {I can’t breath in this thing}

btw; looking up Cyclotron, I wasn’t familiar with this guy, who looks way to much like early Captain Atom.

It seems to me that some versions of Captain America have worn an infantry helmet, but I’m having a hard time finding pictures.

Ultimate version I guess. Google Bryan Hitch+Captain America

Never heard of Cyclotron, but he reminded me of Judge Dredd. He has a cool helmet.

He switched to a more conventional half-helmet during WWII.

Ah yes. He definitely does and thisseems to be more of what I had in mind. I can image a play of light, and or energy across the visor as well.

I was looking at DC Who’s who and came across ye old Peacemaker from Charlton comics. Liked the character, but the helmet was to big.

The Black Knight’s more contemporary helmet isn’t too bad but I think something close to the Dredd style is going to work.

DC’s Guardian wears a helmet and a mask, or at least he has at times.

I seem to remember that but I couldn’t find an image. Must have been similar to Guardian

Well, that’s in case his helmet falls off in a fight.