Hero's first season out on DvD

Should I buy it? I’ve seen some of the commercials to the show and it looks interesting. Opinions?


I’ve watched up to episode 18, and I’d say it’s pretty good. Nice flow and development; although the beginning is a little unsubtle, the latter half throws some major curveballs.

Bought it last night and haven’t had too much time to check it out yet, but it’s definitely very cool and more than worth the $50 I dropped on it.

A word to the wise though: you get different stuff packaged in with the DVD depending on where you buy it. Having bought mine at WalMart ( :rolleyes: ) I got a crappy little extra DVD with a preview of The Bionic Woman and four episodes of Friday Night Lights. If you buy it at Target, apparently you get some nifty little card renditions of some of Isaac’s paintings. And I think if you buy it at Best Buy, you actually get a print out of some of the online comic. This is the one I wanted. Oh well, lesson learned.

That apostrophe hurts my heart.

This reminds me of a bit by comedian Todd Barry:

“I don’t own anything by the Oak Ridge Boys. So I’m going to buy a box set that has EVERYTHING by the Oak Ridge Boys. 600 CDs. It even has a rap version of Elvira.”

In response to your question, I loved the show. I’d say yes.

Let’s talk special features.

What are the special features?

I know from the commercial it has the “never-aired premiere episode” and if you get the HD-DVD (I don’t have an HD TV or player) there is some unspecified interactivity without leaving the episode. What else? Are the online comics included?

What are you talking about? I only see an understandably misspelled word. Obviously, the OP meant “Hiro’s first season.”

Like I said, haven’t had time to work through all the special features yet, but there is a plethora of (mostly useless) deleted scenes, the “never-aired premiere episode”, and I believe some featurettes including a look at the artist who does all the paintings. I’m sure there’s more stuff - I still say a very good deal for $50, considering one season of 13 episodes of Doctor Who goes for $80.

If you haven’t seen the show at all, you might try renting or borrowing the DVDs first to try the show out. I recommend watching at least half the season if it doesn’t grab you right away – it got better as it went along and they found their way with some of the characters and the pacing of the story. I love the show, but others aren’t as crazy about it. Those people don’t have souls, but whatever. :wink:

I rented discs 6 & 7-jeeze, if they want me to buy the HD version next season, can they get the actors to step a little closer to the razor? 7 discs of upconverted 5 o’clock shadow. Thank god they’re cute.

I just watched the first season. It was OK. Not top-of-my-list great, but pretty good. Pretty radical politics for network TV, n’est-ce pas? I found it annoyingly repetitive–even after the “previously on” montage, the first couple scenes of each episode were often repeated scenes from the last episode, if sometimes alternate takes. And every single episode ended with “To Be Continued . . .” Yeah, we get it. But in TV idiom, that usually means it’s a two-parter or something, not simply another episode in a season. Dumb. And the artist’s paintings. Sure, they were decent comic book panels. But it strained credulity beyond the breaking point that they’d be sold as “paintings” in a gallery. Still, that one I could live with; you could hardly expect each of those images to have been actually painted by a real painter for the series. So I suspended, I suspended.

(The box contains the original pilot. Interesting that they seemed to lack the balls to leave in the central terrorism plot at the beginning of the season, considering how radically anti-Bush the conspiracy eventually became.)

Mike Nelson and the Rifftrax crew are also posting a RT of the first two eps, it’s not out yet though…

this appears to be a solo Mike 'Trax, I think he does better if he has someone to work against (Bill Corbett/Kevin Murphy/Mary-Jo Pehl…)

I’d like to see Frank Connif, Trace Beliaeu and Joel Hodgson as guest riffers as well

It’s from where the OP left out the e.

Yeah, get o’er it.

Why? Roy Lichtenstein made a pretty good living with comics-inspired paintings, many of which hang in museums around the world.

It’s making my eyes water.

What’s the verdict on the infamous garbage disposal scene in the first episode? Unmodified, removed, or “In-Sink-Erator®” digitally removed?

This confused me. What never-aired premiere? Did they pull a Menagerie a la Star Trek TOS? I remember seeing the premier…did they redo the first episode?

It’s the “uncut” premiere with almost 30 minutes of deleted scenes edited back in.

I can’t wait to see it myself.

The original pilot was a different, longer version of what became the first two episodes. There was a plot thread about terrorism that was excised, and some characters (like Parkman) who originally were in the pilot ended up not being introduced until the second episode due to time constraints. I haven’t seen it yet, but I remember hearing about the original pilot last year before the show aired. With all the retooling that went on at the last minute, and for most of the season, it’s amazing the show turned out as well as it did. I’m excited to see how the second season goes now that they’ve found their footing.