Hershey Park - only for kids?

My husband and I went there as adults and had fun. They had a beautiful flower garden, and there was a puppet show in which they asked some really old riddles, like how do you know the ocean’s friendly?

Because it’s always waving.

We solved several in a row and they gave us a bucket of free chocolate.

You may be right. I just have a vague memory of, a few years ago, seeing ticketing info claiming you could get into either park, or some other indication that they were joined at the time. As I’m about 50 years older than Dutch Wonderland’s target audience, I didn’t take advantage of the opportunity :D. Nor have I paid attention to DW since then.

We go to Hersheypark every year. Lots of roller coasters and other stuff for grownups, and a lot of stuff for kids.

If you go, let me know. Airman and the sprog and I live near there and we’d love to get together.