Hershey's Cookie Layer Crunch Bars

I’ve just seen these advertised on tv and they look very tasty, I will be looking for the caramel. I’m wondering if these are new innovations for the sake of coming out with something new and different, or if they are making candy bars with cookies inside because the price of chocolate is going up, or will shortly be going up, drastically?

I don’t know if Cafe Society is the proper forum for this, not expecting any answers, but I’ve heard there is as much a shortage of cocoa beans as there is of cotton and (now and then) coffee beans.

Yes, yes…very tasty! They crunch and chew just right!

A few years ago, I read somewhere that higher chocolate prices were the reason Hershey came out with Air Delights–chocolate pieces with air whipped in to increase the volume. I suspect, though, that the bigger motive was the popularity of rival Mars’ Twix bars. According tothis, the Cookie Crunch bar is the most popular product launch Hershey ever had.

I have eaten the Cookie Layer Crunch bars and won’t eat another, simply because they’re so delicious, I have a hard time stopping. As in very hard. As in “I was only going to eat one section of this. What happened?” hard. I try to walk past them very quickly at the supermarket. Oh, and I had the caramel variety. You won’t be sorry. Well, you might, when gazing ruefully at the empty package.

God, that is torture. I am like you, can’t stop!!

They sound divine, can’t wait to buy some for Christmas stocking stuffers. I can’t eat a lot of chocolate any more, but I will keep trying. Even whipped with air or layered with cookies.

This is the first I’ve heard of them, but Twix and Kit-Kat are both favorites of mine, so there’s a good chance I’d like these, too.

The mint Hershey Cookie Layer Crunch bars are simply amazing! After trying all of the flavors the mint took top honors. The others were just ok to me. Never went back for the other flavors.

These would have to be pretty damned good to convince me to buy them over the venerable Tim Tam.

They’re absolutely delicious.

Given my personal history with favorite consumer products, that probably means they’ll be discontinued within the year. Sorry, all.

My daughter was a big fan of Hershey’s Cookies and Mint bars years ago, but they stopped making them (we even asked for them at Hersheypark). Their mint crunch bars are the closest thing she’s ever found.

I liked the caramel and mint versions but didn’t really care for the vanilla creme version.