Hershey's Hugs or real hugs: which are better?

Do you prefer Hershey’s chocolate Hugs, or real hugs?

Real hugs from one specific person > Hershey hugs > hugs from anybody else. I don’t generally like hugging family or friends, it just feels awkward. But I wouldn’t trade hugging my significant other for anything else in the world (not even chocolate!).

I’m not a big fan of chocolate (unless it’s peppermint bark. Oh yum) so real hugs are the best! Especially from the boyfriend. He’s warm and always smells good.

Real hugs.

How is this even a choice? Anyone who picks Hershey’s hugs hasn’t had enough real hugs or is actually an alien bent on dominating our planet. I can understand not wanting sex, but human contact is something fundamental we all need.

Real hugs.

Don’t touch me. Give me candy.

Are Hershey Hugs better than Hershey Kisses? Because Hershey Kisses are too sweet for my liking.

Yo, Beardpig, it’s not like you sound irresistible…

Give me hugs! But chocolate is easier to get.

Give me chocolate. I can get real hugs (and even more) any time I want. Plus I don’t know where your hands and arms have been. Not that this is necessarily a minus.

Real hugs. White chocolate is gross.

Oh, I’m the first “neither” vote. I hate being touched and don’t like chocolate that much. It’s always in the way of my toffee.

Ehh, I’ve come to peace with it.

Yeah. Fraid so. I grew up in an abusive family. We didn’t hug. We hit. I never learned the comfort of physical contact; it gives me uncomfortable shivers.

Hershey’s anything are gross. But I guess I’d rather eat a Hershey’s hug than hug an old smelly bum. Still, I voted real hugs.

Exactly this, except I don’t like white chocolate anyway, so I’m going to pretend it’s about Hershey’s kisses.

Although, Hershey’s kisses ARE better than real kisses, because I don’t like those. So this is getting confusing.

I’m not really into chocolate, but I’m also not much of a hugger (unless it’s from my wife). If it had to be from a random person, I guess I’d prefer the Hershey’s Hug.