Hertz billing error: what do I do?

I flew to Florida in September to attend my son’s wedding. I flew to Gainseville, where I rented a car from Hertz, which I drove to Panama City Beach. It was a 4 hour drive each way.

I paid with a credit card. I elected to buy the tank of gas the car came with ($32) so that I could return the vehicle without worrying about how much gas was in the tank. I never really looked into what I was paying per mile. I declined any extras (insurance, etc). When I returned the car I parked and used their key drop.

Today I paid my credit card bill. Hertz charged me $32 for gas plus $9.35 for mileage. I never bothered to look at how many miles I put on the car, but their calculation is obviously incorrect.

What do I do?

I’m not following. They charged you what you expected for gas. What is wrong with the mileage figure?

(most Hertz rentals have unlimited mileage, but I’m assuming this one did not)

By my calculations, Gainesville FL and Panama City are roughly 245 miles apart, depending on route. A 490 mile round trip, for which you were charged an extra $9.35 means they were charging you just under 2 cents a mile. Are you saying they charged you too little?

My guess is that they gave him 400 or 450 free miles & he was only charged a per mile fee on anything over the number of free miles.
kayaker, call them.

I guess I need to reread everything. They charged me for the tank of gas, cool. But the only other charge was $9.35. I assumed the odometer was misread?

If I can rent a car for two cents a mile, sign me up!

I would just let it go. You returned the car, they signed it in, you paid up your end, seems to me any billing errors are their problem.

You mean there were no other charges? No $150 for the day or similar?

That’s correct, and that’s what I’m weirded out about.

I’m going to wait to see if maybe I used more than one credit card for some reason (reserving the car with one and presenting another when I picked up the car).

Hertz’s Terms and Conditions says

Which would imply that you had a limited mileage rental and drove about 37 miles over the limit. You might want to check your contract to confirm that, but I don’t really see anything to worry about.

I’m with you, Skeezix.

Email Hertz your bill with the following statement: I am closing out my monthly statements. Will you confirm that this is the final bill for the car rental x103472 from mm/dd/yyyy to mm/dd/yyyy?

You typically don’t need to submit credit card info when you reserve a rental car unless you take the “pay in advance and save a few bucks” option.

Did you go down any toll roads? Last time I rented a car in FLA it came with an EZ Pass already installed.