He's a peanut. Or nicknames du'jour

Just never call me late for Happy Hour

Meh. I’m Spoons, both in real life, and here. I’ve been Spoons for decades, and I rather like it.

Fork you in real knife! :grin:

Okay, we’ll trust* you, Beck. I’m betting you’re one of those rare people who can abuse people with so much affection that they beg for more…

*As soon as we see a signed affidavit from li’l peanut his own self.

My brother is about a year older than me. When we were little he couldn’t pronounce my
name, it came out SooSoo.

So I got that going for me.

I assure you I am the rug at the door. Everyone walks on me.
But I have been known to bat my eyelashes at an opportune moment.

A lot of people have said that, but nobody takes the tine. :wink:

Saw this commercial yesterday, and it reminded me of this thread:

To be honest, I’m not terribly fond of Mikey, and only allow Beck to call me that because she likes it. But it’s no skin off my nose to let her and I need to grow thicker nose skin.

I haven’t had a lot of nicknames in my life, though I did have one boyfriend who called me “Minky,” which was fine. I didn’t have strong feelings about it one way or the other.

One of my usernames has a nickname on another site - much as Beckdawrek gets called “Beck” here.

As a teenager, I wanted a nickname, so decided everyone should call me “Dylan.” Not as in Bob, but as in Thomas. Hey, I was a pretentious dipshit, but at least I had good taste in poets. You’ll be stunned to know, however, that the nickname never caught on.

Hey, Mikey. He likes it.

My nose skin was removed as an infant. Wait. What???