He's at 19

As some of you may recall, I’ve had a minor obsession with George Bush’s approval ratings over the last three years. In 2005, I savagely mocked him for reaching 37%, which everyone agreed was a remarkably low number. Since then, as I predicted, he’s continued to plunge steadily. Earlier this year he hit 21%, which, if I recall correctly, put him in a tie with Truman for the title of least popular President ever (at least since they started taking polls.)

Now, however, he has reached 19 percent:

Congratulations, Mr. Bush. Your place in history is secured.


I find it mildly comical that, in light of your obsession, you failed to notice that this same organization had him at 19% approval in February 2008 as well. Just think of all the excitement you missed out on back then!

I do hope this fellow will update his graph at least one last time.