He's been KIDNAPPED (& there's a reward)

Here’s a picture of Ronald

He’s been [del]kidnapped[/del] [del]clownnapped[/del] statuenapped!
I eat breakfast there once a year as it’s on the way from my friend’s house to the festival.

I hope it’s recovered. A lot of kids pose with Ronald.

He may have been taken for metal scrap.

He may have been taken by aliens to be used as a sex toy by the dinosaurs.

Maybe these boneheads took him; there is a pattern.

That would be strange, since it was made out of plastic.

I’m glad you posted these other links. I opened the Philly.com one and thought, “Holy shit! That looks exactly like Paul Ryan…!”

UPDATE: Recovered
& if you look carefully, he’s still sitting on the bench. Just the size/shape alone must’ve made it harder to steal.