He's come unglued at last

Harry Coover, the inventor of Superglue, has died at 94. He stuck around for a long time.

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He obviously didn’t adhere to the notion that sniffling glue was detrimental to his health.

They could glue his coffin to the underside of a high girder.


The perfect funeral song.

Right this instant (heh!) my finger tips are covered on the stuff, I’ve been building a new set of wings for one of my planes. Normally I use at least 5 or 6 different types of adhesive on my projects, but by far cyanoacrylate is the most versatile, I shouldn’t wonder if I’ve used at least a whole liter of the stuff in the last 20 years.

So, thanks and godspeed.

Relevant Straight Dope Staff Report:


The second last time I took a high stick to the face I asked the doc to glue it. The last time the cut went right through my lip to the insde of my mouth; sutures for that one.

I wear a full cage now.

Wow, he was only 94. That really makes you think!

May we all bond together in this time of sorrow.

Acetone you wouldn’t use around his family, Chefguy.

Hey, he was just another pasty white guy.

He stuck around a long time.

Well he`s gone now. We all just need to let go, no matter how attached we have become.

I am having trouble letting go.

I heard he wentcrazy.

Sorry, got stuck in a repetitive mode.

Besides his daughter, Dr. Coover is survived by two sons, Harry III and Stephen, four grandchildren, and a midget construction worker.

Are they all having separation anxiety?