Hex code question - non-display character

I’m working on a text file that contains non-display characters. I think they are page breaks, since they occur in position 1, but I’m not sure. As usual, they appear as little boxes in Notepad. I think they are page breaks since they appear in the record before the page header information records.

I’d like to drop those records in my program. Years ago I got rid of non-display ‘null’ characters within the data that manifested themselves as a dot when viewed on the mainframe, by looking for the hex code 3F. (In the program I’d look for X’3F’.) I tried displaying the record as hex (DISPLAY HEX IN-REC), but it didn’t show it.

Does anyone have an idea what the hex code for this character might be?

Have at it: http://www.cognitionis.com/img/ascii-chart.gif

I think X’0C’ did it!


A program like this will show you the Hex value of very character: http://brooksyounce.tripod.com/soft/hexedit.htm

If that looks useful there are others with more powerful editing options, search Google for: hex editor

<longs nostalgically for the days of DOS-based Norton Utilities>

DEBUG still works under XP. Haven’t tried it in 7 yet.

ETA: Works under 7 as well.