Hex Editing

I’ve been playing an old game on an emulator and learned if I tweaked one or two things in the game with a hex editor then I’d be able to unlock certain things. The thing is that when I used two hex editors and edited the disk image then saved the change the emulator wouldn’t recognize the file even though the file extention didn’t change. It’s an Apple II emulator.
Does anyone know of a hex editor that won’t make the disk images unreadable?

Quite possibly the game uses a checksum or equivalent on the files, so it can tell if any changes have been made.

That is to say it could add up all the bytes stored, discarding overflows, and store this at the end, so any change is likely to make this value different from what it gets by doing the adding thing when it reloads it. This stops it running files corrupted, or tampered with. You could theoretically get round this but you’d have do some reverse engineering, etc.

I work with OS390 and have a ‘hex’ editor called x-edit, but if it’s a compiled (linked) program and it uses checksum or hash numbers what shade said will probably apply and editing will gain you nothing. :wink: