Hey Baby! Whats your sign?

I think we had one of these a while back but I can’t remember for sure. So I thought what the hell! I’ll start another.

November 5, 1972
7:30AM Mountain Time


January 30, 1976 at 8 am EST.


November 25, 1960, in the wee, small hours of the morning. Pacific time.


November 2, 1975
8:54 eastern time.


April 5, 1963
5:45 p.m.

It was a Friday, so I was told…


Tuesday, Januaray 16, 1962 at 2:32 AM CST

Dang! Lot of Scorpios around here. Count me as another one…

November 4, 1968. No idea what time; I could call my mom and ask her, but heck, I’m trying to work over here! :slight_smile:


October 14, 1980. Who cares what time it was? As long as I came out, my mom was happy.

What’s your sign?

** No Dogs Allowed **

Okay, kidding. It’s Capricorn. January 9th, 1973.


Another Scorpio here. October 26, 1958. 8:00 am CST.
I’m the oldest to post so far. :frowning:

Jammin’, aye!

I mean double-Gemini (sun & moon in Gemini) with Libra rising.

June 12th, Year of the Ox.
14:41, on a Monday

I know I’ve asked this before, but… what does all that mean?

I guess its really important to know for that well respected art/science/scam Astrology to give you an accurate (???) reading/forcast.

Regardless, I think its pretty damn impressive if you can remember the time you were born :slight_smile:

Feb 17 1968 7:02 pm central

May 6th -

Taurus sun(stubborn, earthy), Gemini moon(exhibitionist), Aries rising(decisive)

BTW, if you know when (to withing a half hour) and where you were born, you can get a chart automatically generated somewhere on the web. I don’t have the URL now, but if people want it, I may be able to find it when I get home.

Sign: Stop

August 29, 1968, 6:38pm

Capricon (on the cusp)

December 22, 1973
8:14 AM, Pacific Time

Gemini Dragon.

June 14, 1964, 1:28am.

I remember because my mother calls me every year on my birthday at that exact time!


“You had me up at that time!”

Sorry, mine is unlisted.

Virgo Ox
September 8, 1973, somewhere around 9:30 PM EST, according to my mother anyway.