Hey Colibri, what's this bird doing?

Is that a mating dance? Challenging a rival?

It’s a White Cockatoo, aka “Umbrella Cockatoo.” They use the crest display for various reasons. In this case, it looks like a male is display to a female.

So the Elvis song is an irrelevant background element?

It’s not irrelevant. They like to dance to music. It gets them excited so they display.

It’s not just Elvis. They’ll also dance to Gangnam Style or Pharrell.

I love how she puts her foot on his shoulder like she’s saying, “Hold your horses, big guy…”

If cockatoos had smart phones, the males would be sending unsolicited erect crest pics.

For another example of an excited cockatoo raising its crest, you can watch one of many videos of Harley the (female) cockatoo knocking over towers of cups.

Elvis is never irrelevant.

We can’t go on together…

Well if birds are truly partly descended from dinosaurs, you’d have to imagine T.Rex dancing too


Do dinosaurs dance at the Marine Cafe in Doncaster, UK?

Those videos are hypnotic. Note the plural, couldn’t stop at one :slight_smile:

Birds are not “partly descended from dinosaurs”. In the usual standard of taxonomy used nowadays, they are dinosaurs. Or, if you insist on splitting them off and using the word “dinosaur” only for non-avian dinosaurs, then they’re still entirely descended from dinosaurs.

Well, birds are dinosaurs in exactly the same way that humans are bony fish.

No, birds are bony fish in exactly the same way that humans are bony fish.

Not exactly. Osteichthyes is a sister group to the clade that includes humans. Birds are nested withing the dinosaur clade.

The lobe-finned fish aren’t considered a subset of the bony fish? “Bony fish” doesn’t just mean the ray-finned ones, does it?