Hey company X, job not worth this! (weak)

A month or so back I applied tor a “confidential” listing for Security/Reception positions in downtown office buildings with “confidential” clients. The name of the company hiring was not given anywhere. But for the record, we’re talking $15-$16/hour here, not IT Consultant wages.

The listing took me to a third party site where I had to fill out the job application information. Of course, being a third party site it had to have it’s own “we’re trying to make money here so we’re going to be a pain in your ass” logic. For this one, it kept asking me about furthering my education. The slightest positive response (even ‘No not now, but someday maybe’) would lead to several screens of crap about various on-line courses and colleges. Some of the screens would not allow you to continue until you selected at least some of the “please send me a boatload of junkmail” solicitations. I ended up going back to the very beginning of the process and selecting “NO, FUCK OFF” at every possible option.

You have to go back to the site daily to check on the status of your application.

Three days later (after the initial “check back tomorrow after 12pm”), it allowed me to go on to the next step, which was to enter references to be checked.

For the next week, the site said that they were still processing my application and to check back later.

Late last week, I got an automated phone call. It said something about the Confidential Job and how they still couldn’t tell me who it was for at this point, but ‘Hold for the next available recruiter’. Then it hung up on me.

Today, I tried to log into the site and apparently, my user-id is no longer active. I assumed at this point that this was the brush-off and I wasn’t getting the job.

However, about a half hour ago, I got another one of those automated calls. You guessed it, “Hold for the next available recruiter”, followed by dial tone.

Now look you pumped up cockroaches in suits, while you may think this job is all important and feel all high and mighty about it, at no point is it worth my time and energy to keep playing your little games. Either tell me who the fuck the company is and call and talk to me like a real human being, or FUCK OFF.

Geez people. It’s maybe $16 an hour. It’s not like you’re recruiting the next CEO of General Electric or anything. Get over yourselves.


Do you really want to be dependant on these people for a paycheck?

As someone who has spent quite a long time doing job searches, it’s my opinion that these are jobs which simply do not exist. Did you find it on craigslist? I tend to find lots of “fake” jobs posted there-- they sound true and great, but then you get taken to this site where “in order to apply, you have to tell us about furthering your educational goals and what type of information you’d like to receive…” Something about that doesn’t scream “legit,” or at the very least, “company I want to work for assuming actual opportunity exists” to me.

The only time I apply for a job via online application rather than via email with a resume/cover letter is when the application is housed on a company’s own website, and doesn’t have me jump through 10,000 hoops to apply for it. No, I don’t want to create a profile for your site. No, I don’t want to make said profile searchable so that other jobs can be emailed to me. I want to apply for this one job with your company and be on my merry way.

I agree with atomicbadgerrace. This job does not exist. It’s just another spammer/junk mailer trying to get your information, and the information of your references.

Did you ever really believe this was a real job?

Another vote for spammer. There is no job.

Fucking lot of work for that, but I just did a search and found that the site was a fraud, so I’m taking action. Silly me.

[helpful Jedi]This is not the job you are looking for [/helpful Jedi]

I hope it wasn’t found on Craigslist. While it’s obvious that the OP’s “job site” is bogus bullshit, as someone who found the perfect job (for me) on Craigslist–from an ad I posted in their Resume section–it pains me that Craigslist gets tarred and feathered because of jerks abusing it with spammy crap.

It was on Craigslist.

For reference, the site they send you to is; jobmarketnow.us.com.

This is a fraudulent site that gathers marketing information. Damned stupid methodology if you ask me, considering a> the amount of time and energy to get stuff they could simply mass download from Monster.com or any other job board; b> the relatively small number of people that are going to do it; c> their costs in placing ads, and d> the fact that they are commiting fraud to do it.

For safety sake, I went through and checked all my credit reports last night to ensure that I wasn’t the victim of identity theft. Nada.

Googled and saw a thing on yahoo about it that said at most, you’d see a rise in telemarketer calls and junk mail. Given that I’m on the no-call list and never directly answer my phone, the former is not very bothersome. The latter only provides me more stuff to throw in the garbage on my way from the mailbox to my front door, so no worries there either.

Again, very stupid methodology.

Having previously worked for a newspaper where part of my job was checking ads for possible fraud, I assure you that the cost of placing these ads does not enter into the equation, as they most likely are paid for with stolen credit cards.

If you take legal action and get a subpoena on Craigslist, I feel confident that you will find that the billing information given them will be a non-existent address local to the Craigslist office or that of an actual business unconnected with the scam. The phone numbers will have been disconnected by the time you serve the papers.