Hey Cool Guys - Please stay that way!

Thought about putting this in the pit, but frankly, I don’t have the writing skills to make this pit worthy - and I also like pie.

Browsing youtube, looking for my childhood heroes, I noticed a very sad state of affairs.

My heroes just don’t give up.

They seem to continue doing the same old show, although their body and voice have long since called it a day. Why oh why must they do that? They embarrass me! As an example, here’s Rick Danko back when I worshiped him:

And then I see this:

And then I go looking for Simon and Garfunkel, and see that they apparently are still on the road. And I take a peek. And I remember the concert in Central Park, and I watch – and I shudder.

Why do they keep on going? Call it a day already – you were our cool guys, let us please try to keep it that way.

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[poster]Not all artists turn lame, or try to recreate former glories in what turn out to be sad parodies. Saw David Byrne about a year ago – hell of a show – and saw Simon and Garfunkle four or five years ago and was very pleasantly surprised. [/poster]

Hmm, all-right - guess I shouldn’t be judging from a youtube video - but still…sure doesn’t look, or sound, as I remember them (S&G than is)

No, they don’t sound the same – they’ve aged (matured), as have their voices. I say god bless them for not trying to recreate something that can’t be recreated exactly, but instead to bring their fresh perspective to an old song.

That’s not thaaat bad. I’ve seen and heard worse perfomances. The point ist that there are musicians who stay prolific in their art and their abilities when they get older and some who do not. But do you want them to give up their jobs because they were better at twenty? This is true for everybody of us. Just don’t listen if you don’t like it, or put on Music from Big Pink.

I just wish some of them would realize they can’t be what they used to be - but then again, I don’t make my living from selling plastic discs, or live shows for that matter. I guess it just pokes me with my own age perhaps.
Big Pink sounds like a good idea though…

May I ask you how old you are?

Of course you may, I am a child of the early sixties. Why?
(I realize I was a child when S&G hit it big - I blame my parents)

Because if you experienced the artist in his prime, it is much harder when you realize that he’s getting older and weaker.