Hey Dooku...question for you.. (huatulco)

I searched the sdmb for anything about huatulco, and I read that you were going there.

my finacee just brought that up as a possible honeymoon spot at the huatulco villa. How was your trip? any information you can give me would be greatly appreciated. Did you stay at the same place?


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Sorry about not replying - I don’t enable Email notification so it’s luck of the draw that I would see this. (I don’t normally expect threads to ask me a specific question :)).

I’m not sure where the Huatulco Villa is - I stayed at the Camino Real Zaashila the first time I went down, which was great, and the three times since I’ve rented a house up at Punta Santa Cruz.

The Zaashila is a fantastic hotel, although a little pricey - each room has its own pool <!> and the beach and hotel property is fantastic. It’s in the Tangolunda area which is a little farther from the main beach area (Santa Cruz) and a little farther to La Crucecita - the main square.

As far as staying there in general, you really need to be able to speak Spanish. I’m fluent, so that wasn’t a problem, but I can’t imagine getting around without a pretty good grasp of the language. Example: nobody at the Zaashila, including the concierge, spoke any English at all.

Beyond that, I can’t recommend it strongly enough. The entire area was created by FONATUR (the Mexican tourist bureau) out of whole cloth in the mid-80’s. It is the cleanest place I have ever been in a foreign country. The infrastructure was built before anyone even arrived, so all the sidewalks, roads, etc are immaculate. The water is drinkable - there are two purification stations in the area. Garbage pickup happens twice a day.

The main thing about it of course are the beaches. There are…oh…about 500 miles of unspoiled beach accessible only by boat. The wife and I spent an entire day on a 1 mile long beach with pristine sand and crystal clear water and we never saw another soul. Cold beer, snorkeling, fishing, clothing optional…it was incredible.

As for other activity, the fishing is also spectacular - we rented a lancha from Santa Cruz and caught a ton of tuna and barrqacuda, and we also saw two whales which just happened to be cruising by. It’s easy to negotiate a deal for fishing (provided you speak Spanish) and most things are really cheap. There’s a very nice golf course in town, though a little pricey.

If you surf, you’re in hog heaven. There’s Puerto Escondido which is a rather famous surf spot about an hour North of Huatulco, but when I was there they were monster shore-pounders and it was way too crowded. About ten minutes south of Huatulco is Barra de la Cruz, which is totally empty and has a fantastic right point that lets you drop in undisturbed into nonstop continuous waves. As I have broken a rule and tattled about the right point at Barra, I must remain silent about the other two spots. :slight_smile:

Bars: There are two in la Crucecita that are fabulous - Cafe Dublin is an Irish bar owned by my friend Victor, and irish ex-Pat living there with his girlfriend Alejandra. They have the coldest beer around and the best burger for miles around. The other place is called “La Crema” and is your basic tropical bar locale, but with local flavor. You won’t be disappointed by the Mezcal. (Don’t ask for Tequila - you’re in Oaxaca state, home of Mezcal, they don’t even have any tequila). In Santa Cruz there is a late night place called “Vishua” that’s a great spot. The last time we were there the owners had us over for dinner and served us fresh snapper and drinks. If you like hockey talk to Sean the Canadian. (Or rather listen).

As for places to stay in general, the one problem is that in Santa Cruz they have built a large dock to accommodate Cruise Ships. Unfortunately this has ruined the view for places up on Punta Santa Cruz, and it has also churned the waters at one of the best snorkeling beaches in the area across the Bay. But there are great places to stay in and around Santa Cruz. The one hotel I would avoid is the Barcelo in Tangolunda, simply b/c it’s all-inclusive, and you don’t want to drink their drinks and never leave and not experience La Crucecita.

Finally, you can ask all the questions you need to ask on www.tomzap.com. Go to Oaxaca | Huatulco | Visitor’s comments and ask away.

Hope this helps.