Hey, drunks. Do you know about this?

I’m not sure if this site has ever come up. but in my honest opinion if you drink a lot, it should be in you favorites catagory. I have my own PBT so I don’t need it, but it’s a nice site to figure how drunk you really are.

If this site has been posted before, I appoligize. the Mod can close this.

At 170 lbs, having 2 of the weakest (3.2%) beers on the list in one half hour, I would be drunk in some states.

I hadn’t realized the laws had gotten so harsh. I’m glad they have.

Now I know how blitzed I will get tomorrow when me and my friend share a bottle of wine.


What? No drinks recipies? You tease!

The one time I was caught, I had a .19 BAC. I’d been knocking back a lot of wiskey that night. It probably would have been higher, but I chose to sleep much of it off in my car while parked and managed to get about 2 hours worth of snooze before the cops drifted by.

That’s the only thing that kept me from getting a DUI, my choosing to sleep it off and the fact that I have a clean record and a nice lawyer.

How am I supposed to drag this computer with me to the bar?

Maybe the police should use this themselves, that way they won’t take me into the station, watch me blow a .05, say “sorry, you’re free to go”, and let me figure out how to get back to my car 10 miles away at 3:30 AM. Not that I’m bitter.

And before somebody gets their panties in a bunch for PK using the word “drunk” instead of alcoholic, I should point out that drunks and alcoholics are not the same.

Alcoholics go to meetings.

You can always tell whos in AA by what they say on subjects like this.

Did somebody call for a drunk? Oh, hey, that thing wasn’t any fun… :smiley:

Although it is pretty funny what a cheap date I was when I only weighed 95 pounds!

Most “drunks” know exactly how many drinks it will take to get them into the happy zone, which may or may not coincide with their state’s BAL cut-off. I can’t say that I ever saw anyone at the bar next to me fiddling with their chart!

so this means that last weekend my BAL was higher than my GPA.

By those calculations I’ve had my BAC over .5, on several occasions in the past. That’s pretty scary.