Hey, EuroDopers! My husband made the list!

So I’m phasing out my AOL use, but still have to check my email every once and while. So the little ad on the welcome menu is for an article on the 5 most eligible princes. I SWEAR I just wanted to see if (according to the Eurodopers assembled at CopeDope 2000) my future husband, Frederik, Crown Prince of Denmark, was on the list.

He was. w00h00! Holy Royal Hottie, Batman! I’ve been practicing waving. ::elbow-elbow, wrist-wrist:: If any of you guys run into him on the street, feel free to talk me up.

So, do we have taste or what ? :wink:

(It’s so unfair - not only will his wife become Queen, he gets to wear uniforms like that - I mean, who wouldn’t be able to score with that outfit.)

S. Norman

Whoa! If your name is Bettina Odum, no wonder you go by a handle here! :wink:

Looks like it is time drop this whole American facade and fess up. Yes, it is I, Frederik, Crown Prince of Denmark. I think it is high time Swiddles and I run off to live a life full of debauchery, unmatched riches, and sleepless nights.

Liar. Your wife likes the number 21.

More reasons for me to marry Freddie: I look great in tiaras.

You should stay away from those Danish crown princes. They’re notoriously melancholy. Unless, of course, you want to be reduced to getting thyself to a nunnery, becoming (briefly) an amateur botanist, and eventually finding out just how deep those riddles swim.

To tell you the truth, I always had a little thing for Hamlet. I mean, he’s well read, (“words, words, words…”), well traveled (being in exile will do that to a Prince,) and just brooding enough to keep me interested.

Bring it on.

Bet you’d have a bitch of a time getting a commitment out of him, though. :slight_smile: