Hey, Eve! Roger Ebert is spreading nasty rumors about Lupe Velez!

Or at least, Kenneth Anger is in an interview by him, and Ebert doesn’t dispute it. I seem to recall you offering a differing depiction of her demise in a previous thread. Being the sort of person who always takes the word of a total stranger on the internet over that of a nationally syndicated columnist, I was shocked at Ebert’s lapse, and thought you might like a heads-up.

Mods, if this ends up in the Pit, I’ll understand.

That’s the version of her death told by Roz on Frazier.

Yeah, yeah, who you gonna believe, huh, Roger Ebert and Kenneth Anger and Roz on Frazier and me…or Eve?
– Ukulele “History is What You Make It” Ike

Aw, c’mon. So Kenneth Anger was guilty of “adding artistic verisimilitude to an otherwise bald and unconvincing narrative.” No biggie.

But if you want real journalism, read some of his brother’s (Ed Anger) writing. Real, hard, investigative reporting that cuts to the heart of the matter.

I think it’s going too far to made Ebert responsible. He’s doing a profile, and is more interested in what this story tells us about Anger than what it tells us about Lupe Velez.

Kenneth Anger is a :wally :wally :wally.

I especially hate him for what he said about James Dean. You know, the “Human Ashtray” allegation?

Truth: Dean woke up one Monday morning after a weekend house party where he’d been smoking and drinking non-stop. Said he, “I feel like a human ashtray.” Then he drew a sketch of himself (he was a doodler and sometime artist) of himself as an overflowing ashtray with arms, legs and head.

Anger’s extrapolation: Dean was at a house party where he took off his shirt (if not everything) and incited people to put out their cigarettes on him.

I can’t believe that pigeon-dropping is still alive. (Anger, I mean.)

I’d have thought all that bitter hatefulness would have made him implode by now. OK, just a few “factual errors” in his interview:

• “Gwili Andre . . . was a starlet who got her pictures in all of the magazines . . . but all she got in the movies were walk-on roles.” Nope! She starred in seven films.

• “So she went out in the back yard and built a funeral pyre of all of her press clippings. She lit it and jumped on.” Nope! She died in a run-of-the-mill apartment fire, probably caused by smoking.

• " . . . nudes of people like Jean Harlow?" That photo in his book is no more Jean Harlow than I am. In my book, I had an actual nude of her, taken in 1929 by Edwin Bower Hesser.

• Lupe Velez “raced into the bathroom, slipped on her high heels, fell into the toilet and drowned.” Nope! As I have brought up before, it is physically impossible to drown in a toilet unless you have someone holding you by the feet and dunking you.

• Rudolph Valentino “was killed by a Chicago Tribune editorial.” Ummm, yeah . . . If you can consider a ruptured appendix a Chicago Tribune editorial.

Why do people still interview this assclown?!

Ken Anger

Does he go with Barbie Rage?

Thank you for putting that thought in my head. :wink:

. . . And here is a visual to go with it!