Hey everybody, meet our newest source of $15. Silver Tyger Girl!

**Silver Tyger Girl ** just took the plunge and paid to become a member after a short hiatus post-Guest membership.

Say hello, demand pie, etc…

Oh, and aparently she’s real shy, so do your best to embarrass her.

Welcome to the boards, Silver Tyger Girl! Are you a girl silver tiger, or do you have a silver tiger, or otherwise what’s the origin of your screen name?

Hey Silver Tyger Girl, welcome to The Dope!

I like apple. . . pie! Mmm, pie.

I hope you enjoy your time here.

Silver Tyger Girl, welcome to the SDMB. With a name like that, [licks chops] ROAR!!! [\licks chops] we can skip the squid. I do have a gazelle we could hunt down. You interested?

SSG Schwartz

:: now that we’re out on the terrace ::

Welcome! :slight_smile: Drink? Canapé? I understand the buffet is unusually fresh today.

[sub]I’m not even sure what a canapé is; that’s just what it said on the side of the box under the Mr. Squid logo. That, and “Microwave for 15 seconds”.[/sub]

Should I put the goat back in it’s pen? We don’t want him getting eaten.

Welcome to the boards Silver Tyger Girl.

A year and change is a short hiatus?

And welcome back, STG. Enjoy!

Tyger, tyger, burning bright…
Okay, no more Blake.

…standing in front of? I’m…I’m not standing in front of anything…

nonchalantly kicks the goat’s leash back behind him

Now…go over there to that wall and place your palms flat against it…

Hello Silver Tyger Girl Be welcome. Enjoy your stay. :slight_smile:

Watch out for those Squid Canapes, Silver Tyger Girl!

They’re a little too fresh, if you catch my drift!
And, welcome. :slight_smile:

Oh shit.

Uh, as far as screenname, everywhere else on the internet I’m Silvercat (or Silvercat17). If you’re in the Thundercats community, I’m that Silvercat. Which also explains the misspelling.

No pie, but I have… uh… cookies! Chocolate chip. Which I need to stop eating for breakfast.

Where’d that goat go?

I’m poor which is why it took me so long to pay. But the limit on my credit card went up, and hey, I don’t need that money for college… or food… or… um… drat.

And if anyone cares to, I’ve got a livejournal called Silvercat’s Paradise Which has an old picture of me. And newer pictures of the real me.

Welcome, Silver! (query about looks)(inappropriate suggestion)(request for money) Glad you could make it! :wink:

This is me >>> ( ) naked!

Welcome to the board and are you embarrassed at the sight of my Greek godlike body

I always liked silver more than gold anyway. Welcome to teh boards!

Yay, someone to use as a diversion! Just kidding :slight_smile:


Notice that chowder didn’t specify which Greek god… :smiley:

Well actually I’m more of an Adonis than a Gorgon…leastways I think so