Hey FOX! The term is OFFSIDE!

This may seem a nitpick, but the morons at FOX Sports have a new term for being over the line of scrimmage: offsideS. The only term for that is being offside. It makes me a little cuckoo that FOX can’t afford an NFL rulebook in order to get the spelling right but can spend tons of money on that idiot CGI mecha-droid that shows up on every commercial break or promo.

The funny thing is that in the Pittsburgh-Baltimore game on of my other irks was addressed properly, to wit: the ground CAN cause a fumble. The color man (I think it was Boomer) pointed that out after a near touchdown rush by Baltimore. I was so happy that he got it right.

Don’t get me started on the unimportance of Time of Possession…:slight_smile:

And I like the 35 yard line kickoff, too!

Except they still got it wrong because it was the ground in the End Zone that would have caused the fumble (had he not been ruled down first). Once you cross the goal line with possesion - you can’t fumble!

No, it was at the 1 yard line. If he hadn’t been down by contact, it would have been a fumble caused by the ground, and recovered for a TD.

I feel your pain. Whenever I hear (or read) anyways, it’s like fingernails down a blackboard. The word is anyway. It’s a morphage of “any” and “way”. There’s no “s”.

I blame “always”. :stuck_out_tongue:

TV announcers have been saying “offsides” forever. But you think with Fox employing Mike Pereira, they’d be the ones to get it right.

Time of possession is wicked important- in-game.

Longer the offense is on the field, more tired the opposing defense is. Win game with shorter TOP, more likely a big-play offense. There are other extrapolations.

It’s not a good standalone stat, but it can say a lot about what went on in the game.

I could be misremembering, as I watched a ton of football yesterday. I thought I remembered Rice reaching for the endzone with the ball (after he was down by contact at the one - after review) and the ball extending over the goal line before making contact with the ‘end zone’ ground.

Either way - my point was the ‘end zone ground’ can’t cause a fumble, because as soon as you cross the plane with possession the play is over

[forget it]

The infraction known as “offside” in soccer is called that, just like in football. Knowing that, when I first started playing ultimate I heard people refer to the infraction in ultimate of “offsides” as offsides. I looked it up. The ultimate rule book refers to it as offsides.

Any other sports with an “offside” infraction? How do they refer to it?

The NHL officially hyphenates it.