Hey freckles, we now know why you're a mutant

Or to be more scientific about it - Researchers identify genomic variant associated with sun sensitivity, freckles. Article herefrom the NIH.

edit: I should mention I also have freckles and think they’re cute, but mine aren’t all that noticeable.

I look like a freaking turkey egg … neat, I’m a mutant!


Thanks for sharing!

Freckles are definitely cute.

I don’t have them, unless you count my forearms, but I think we’d have to call those age spots, now. I used to get a few on my cheeks, after sunburns, as a kid. Now I just get carcinomas. Wear sunscreen!

Mom was a mutant with freckles and auburn hair so I get mine from her. But since they tended to keep me out of the sun as a kid I guess that’s probably why they never ‘flowered.’ Unfortunately that’s also probably why I was vitamin D deficient, but . . . oh well.