Hey, GD, everything you think of is old hat

Being a GD hound, it often bothers me greatly when posters pawn off a debate on the grounds that it has already been done. Sure, I can see it in GQ and CCC, and especially ATMB, but GD, IMHO, MPSIMS, and the Pit? I mean, what the fuck.

“Oh, we’ve discussed this several times already. You are so last month.” :rolleyes: Great debates that get raised all the time really are great debates. They fuel controversy. They bring out interesting information. Tempers rise, pit threads are started… I mean, hell, what else is GD for but a solid assault on the foundations of one’s opinions? Oh, I know: a solid, continued assault on one’s opinions. Unless you are so close-minded that it isn’t you’ve nothing to say, but nothing you want to hear.

Don’t get me wrong, link to the old threads. They’ve always been a good read. But anyone who only links to an old thread and shoves the topic off as uninteresting… well, fuck you. If you’ve got nothing worth saying, shut the fuck up. I’d rather talk to Hiyruu about phi than watch you plod through searching old threads just so you can pretend you already know it all and there ain’t nothing more to say on the matter.

Yes, we’ve discussed (for example) abortion many times. So that’s it? The topic suddenly becomes uninteresting? Yes, we find the newbies who revel in trashing religion, or stoutly supporting it. Sure, we’ve gone over it before. So fucking what? They are interesting conversations. This isn’t Seinfeld where we talk about buttons on people’s shirts. Its fucking GD. A place to think, not to pawn off your rhetorical skills on the search engine.

Link to the threads, but if you’ve got something to say, fucking say it. If you’ve got nothing to say, please consider lurking. I’d rather hear you repeat yourself fifteen times than tell someone, “Oh, yawn, we’ve discussed this before.” Well hey, someone wants to fucking discuss it again.

Dude, this has been done before.


More and more people join the board every day. They should not be expected to search for each and every topic they wish to post about.

Especially with the way search drags the boards down. If the subject is old to you. Don’t reply to it.

Haha, touché red.

You know what bothers me? I’ve got this really nice shirt, very classy, but I can’t wear it because one of the buttons is missing! And it’s one of the middle buttons too, which are the most noticable of all. It’s not like I have a giant collection of loose buttons laying around and I can just find one that matches. And even if I did, what am I supposed to do, sew it on? I can’t sew, it’d make the shirt look horrible!
[sub]Hey, someone had to do it.[/sub]

Damn. I wish I had something creative to say, but its not even noon yet, so screw trying. I agree with erislover , but it’s just too early in the damn morning, and those fucking people keep banging dump trucks outside, so i couldn’t sleep!!! :mad: Why do people do loud things outside your house on Saturday mornings? Oops, sorry I got a little off subject.

I gotta back ERL on this one. There’s rarely been a thread in GD that gets at all serious, as opposed to OP-and-five-responses shorties, that I haven’t seen a new perspective on the questions being discussed raised. (Few of them where I agree with the new perspective, but fair’s fair – there is an element of learning in seeing and learning the different viewpoints of others; I think that is a large part of what attracts many of us to this board.)

Besides, this thread’s been done before!! :smiley:

Well, maybe. But I think the thread is more interesting if the original poster reads a few previous threads and perhaps addresses points made in them.

It’s just sort of a drag to have to go over old (basic) territory.