Hey hey! Ho ho! Vandalism's got to go!

This thread was inspired by the thread Why do people author worms and viruses?

Beside the fact that I didn’t want to hijack that thread, I’d really like to get some answers. This is in GQ because I am not soliciting opinions, but rather asking those Dopers with some knowledge of current thoughts on the subject as to what causes the psychiatric/psychologist community attributes vandalism.

We haven’t studied it in any of my psych. classes. Usual explanation is people with too much time on their hands (especially teenagers) or gangs.

Psychiatrists & Psychologists are beeds unto themselve.
Show me one and I’ll show you one that needs one.

Some people take great delight is discomforting others.
They have an inherent nasty or evil streak. No why to it, just are.
Cows are generally docile and lions or tigers generally ferocious.

On National Public Radio’s Talk Of The Nation, it was suggested that the current virus worm was the equivalent of calling up millions of people to ask, “Do you have Prince Albert in a can?” A stupid prank, in other words.

It also allows the makers of anti-virus software to reap the benifits of people running to get a copy of the program if it is not currently on their pc

It is to get attention, plain and simple. Even if they are anonymous to the general population, they have to be bragging about it to somebody.

Well, I can see two parts to it. On the one hand, there have been vandals like the grafitti artistes of the past, such as “Taki 138” who signed their efforts and were obviously seeking recognition, but OTOH there are purely destructive individuals out there who seem to leave nothing but nihilistic wastage in their wake.