Hey! I'm allergic to something!

Ive gone most of my fourteen years thinking I wasnt allergic to much of anything, blissfuly going about life…
Until I noticed that
a) my shaving cream hurt
b) my armpits seemed to be a nice bright red/pink all of the time.

So I look at everything, and they all have one thing in common: Propylene glycol.
I think I may be allergic.
Which brings me to a few questions.
What does propylene glycol do in this stuff?
and, most important, anyone know of a good kind of deodorant that dosent?

I have NO IDEA what propylene glycol actually does, but I would suggest finding a good health food/organic store & checking into some of the all natural deodorants, etc. Maybe you could use a crystal deodorant. I don’t use one myself, but I’ve heard good things.

I’d think the odds of being allergic to propylene glycol are rather slim, but IANAD. After all, I’ve seen it as an ingredient in soft drinks, although it’s not listed on my Diet Dr. Pepper[sub]®[/sub]. Propylene (and ethylene) glycol is most commonly used as anti-freeze and is toxic if ingested in sufficient quantities, but in the minute amounts you’d be exposed to in those products, probably not. I’d be more suspicious of the ingredients listed only as “fragrance” or similar generic term.

Anyone with actual knowledge (as opposed to my WAG), feel free to correct me.

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note to self: Google BEFORE posting.

You might be allergic to something else in those products. Underarm skin is very delicate, and when you shave, you’re making skin delicate. It could be that you’re having a reaction to something that you’re only a little allergic to.

I hope it’s rare to be allergic to propylene glycol. The stuff is everywhere.

You might want to try using fragrance-free (not unscented. Look for the words ‘fragrance-free’) products for a little while. I used to think I was allergic to deodorant, and it turned out to be fragrances.