Hey! I'm getting some work done on my car!

It’s been awhile since I’ve had my car in for any work and, what with gas prices being as high as they are, it can’t hurt to tune it up a bit.

So, I’m thinking I really need those muffler bearings replaced. And maybe the blinker fluid needs refilled (but with the good stuff - synthetic). And I think maybe since it’s been so long I need to have the fan belt buckles looked at.

What else should I have done?

I like to change the air in my tires every 15,000 miles. :wink:

Have you rotated your headlights lately?

From here it looks like your ewe joint has been sheared. You probly wanna get that replaced.

This site has a bunch of stuff I might want to put on my car. Whatcha think?

You know, I wish more people would get their blinker fluid checked on a regular basis.
It seems like most people I see on the road are out of it. I’m usually behind them, and then I don’t know they’re going to turn until they suddenly swerve over. I mean, I’m not psychic, and when they’re out of blinker fluid, I can’t tell that their turn signal is on.