Hey June, don't make it bad (but you will) [Mini-Rant]

We used to be involved in cat rescue. We both have some guilt about buying a cat, but of course we are not talking about that. We are picking said kitten up tomorrow.

Yesterday, a casual friend and very dedicated rescue person posted on Nextdoor that her group was helping a hoarder and she currently has 22 kittens in urgent need of fostering and that there are another 70 cats and kittens waiting for places to go.

I suggested to hubs that since we can’t foster while introducing a new kitten to the resident cats, that we should buy some kitten food and litter for them. Hubs made a big enough Chewy order to qualify for free shipment.

Guilt is expensive.

The only way to find the old hat is to buy a new one first.

@eenerms , it’s been almost a month. Any updates on this?

Over a month, with no word on a suspicious thyroid biopsy. The endocrinologist is great, but he says all the Vets that were on COVID lockdown are needing service now, so they’re overwhelmed (and of course, underfunded). We’re going on to 6 weeks now.

He still has his girlfriend living part time in the house. He’s trying to get a loan to buy my SIL out. She’s a mess.

I started a new thread for July just FYI.