Hey June, don't make it bad (but you will) [Mini-Rant]

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This was requested so I deliver, a new mini-rant thread for June 2021.

I don’t really have much to gripe about except it’s my birthday this month and for the first time I can remember, I’m old enough that I don’t like being this old. Well, it’s not the age, it’s the wear and tear on my body. I feel my age. Ugh. :frowning:

Nice title, old-timer!

I think this thread may have beat you to it?

No, this thread beat the other one. Look at the time stamp.

Yeah, I asked if a Mod could merge this and the other Mini-Rants thread together. Hope no one minds. I mentioned that this one was first (hope we get to keep the title!).

Definitely keep this title. Atamasama done good.

Hey, it’s the 2nd, and people are still posting in May! Get with it!

Missed out by six hours!

Logging into my utility account- when I type in the first character of the password it displays: “Password must be between 6 and 12 characters”. Jesus, cut me some slack. How about waiting until I hit submit before bitching about a password not being long enough, instead they have a nagging message that is impossible to avoid.

Other websites have your email address as the username. Again, after entering the first character it displays the astounding news that I have not entered a valid email address. No shit, Sherlock.

I would like to sign on as a co-sponsor of this rant. I’d like to add an additional “are you kidding me” for the credit card expiration year field that informs me the year is invalid while it’s still completely empty as I just entered the month and haven’t tabbed into the year field yet.

Minor defense of these - presumably they’ve done studies of what fields people are messing up when their first click of the submit button fails, and trying to be helpful.

The password one in particular (depending on how obnoxious it is) seems a bit helpful in the “what fucking format did this website require for a password?” sense.

I get what you’re saying, but computers and people are going to get lots of chances to tell me I’ve made a mistake - I’d just like the opportunity to actually make the mistake first.

On a related note: at the self scan checkout there is about a 0.00001 second gap between the time the item is scanned and the scanner tells me “Place scanned item in bagging area”. Jesus, I ain’t the freaking Flash, cool your silicon chips until I can actually put the item in the bagging area.

The other day a human cashier walked by as the self checkout bitchy voice was chastising me and I loudly asked “Is there a mute button on this thing?”


Oh, by the bye, I asked if a Mod could merge this and the other Mini-Rants thread together. Hope no one minds.

I did that and the cashier showed it to me! It was next to the vertical scanner against the backboard. A few little control buttons are there along with a volume button. Probably varies by make, but worth taking a moment to see if it’s there.

Yes, it would be! There’s actually one store I avoid because there’s this loud cacophony of computer voices with all the self checkout lanes scolding at once.

But if I can turn down the madness, I’d go back there (hmm, wonder how many trips I’d have to make to turn all twelve down?)…

Ooh, I love logic problems. If one digs can turn down one self-checkout register in one trip, how many trips will it take twelve digses to turn down twelve registers?

After last year’s experience with the barn swallow nest on our porch (with abundant bird droppings) I carefully deployed just enough bird-b-gone sticky stuff on the attractive areas this spring to discourage prospective parents.

We were out on the porch swing a couple evenings ago, where we like to relax and contemplate the day’s events, when we noticed a couple of swallows swooping back in forth just past the porch, occasionally diving through just a few feet away. It became apparent they didn’t want us there (at one point they recruited allies, so there were four of the little bastards hovering right in front of me, an unpleasantly Hitchcockian moment). Then Mrs. J. spotted the nest, atop a ceiling fan mounted to the porch roof a few feet away. I was hoping to remove it before they could start a family, but no luck - there were already nestlings.

So now we can only use the porch swing after dark, for the next few weeks anyway. And more birdshit scrubbing. Oh joy.

I’m on hold with a debt collector, for an accident involving a car that I no longer owned, because the scumbag who bought it from me decided to drive it around with no registration or insurance.

And, they want me to leave a message, AND their message box is full. Buncha clowns.