Hey Liberal, Cite Requests aren't Accusations of Lying

In this thread Lib gets all bent out of shape because I asked for a cite on something he was blithely stating as fact. I think “martyr complex” just about covers it - apparently we (everyone else in that thread - it’s one vs. nine, don’tcha know) have called him everything from crybaby to liar. And we have grudges, oh yes, let’s not forget the grudges. :dubious:

All I can say is, somewhere on Calvary there’s a hill missing a cross. Oh, and I’m still missing a cite.

I don’t really see how you can ask for a cite in the “intellectual” circle jerk that Philosophy is.

At best, you can track down a cite where a philosopher claimed something.
Finding a cite where philosopher proved something… now that’s a worthy goal.

By the way, this pitting is as useless as an unexamined life.

A quote from Sartre saying “Oh, and to wax metaphorical for a moment, mes amis, let me just say…” would do. Or even some other authority saying “And here we can easily see Sartre was extending the metaphor…”.

Instead, I have two variants - Sartre’s own words, and Lib’s interpretation thereof. One of these is pretty clear to me, very unmetaphorical - and it isn’t Lib. So I wanted a cite that says it isn’t just his interpretation, but rather a plain fact (like he seems to think we should take it - because he said so, don’tchaknow.)

Call me Sisyphus!

Cite? :stuck_out_tongue:

You should see a doctor about that.

That and my constant nausea!
Existentialism humour - gotta love it.

At least he hasn’t played the death card again.

I don’t see where Liberal even implied that a request for a cite was an accusation of lying in that thread. He said it was a sign of laziness, which it isn’t, but that’s a different issue.

You can only do that once, can’t you?


My post is my cite!!!

That would depend on whether or not he is existentially nothing more than a collection of electromagnetic waves and subatomic particles suspended in a field of gravity, who pre-exists his essence.

What do you call this (in direct response to my asking for a cite)?

(my bolding)

Does “making shit up” = lying? It may sometimes, but not always. In this context, I don’t think it does.

And buy him a Rolling Rock…

Oh, for Pete’s’s sake - of course it does. Especially when he later goes on with

My bolding. In the context of the thread, who do you think he was talking about there?

It’s just a means of avoiding the hard questions by making it personal. And breathing room to go look up a cite, I’m sure. But mostly it’s about the martyrdom. I mean, check it out: “I’m too old for this - I’m so beset by mean people” bullshit. Asking for a cite is hardly kicking his white cane out from under him. It’s standard debate, FFS. I mean, who the fuck is Lib that I should buy his say-so on Sartre’s train of thought?

Of course making shit up equals lying! When has it ever not? Sometimes your oppositionality is truly inspired.

Cite! More proof that you can shake a stick at! :smiley: