Hey Miller...closing one Pell thread, leaving another open?

Hi Miller, just curious why you chose to close the long-running Cardinal George Pell thread started in 2016 (with current posts) in favour of a thread started today that has had a tepid response.

I understand that my original thread was tres old. Yes, the Pell saga has been a long and ongoing one, that is the nature of the Catholic child-abuse cases and the court’s responses. But to shut my thread down misses the back-story that the current court-case (and it’s blocking) has eradicated.

I petition ye Miller to re-open my thread. Cheers.

Yeah, as the OP of the new thread, maybe a thread merge is in order? If that’s not an option then the one that should stay open is probably not the one I banged out in 2 minutes consisting mostly of Tim Minchin lyrics. :smiley:

Tim Minchin deserves his own thread re Cardinal Pell :smiley:

That song really is just that damn good.

I did explain my reasoning when I closed the thread. But since the OP of the other thread has said he’a okay with a merge, I’ll go ahead and do that.

And done.

Thanks Miller :slight_smile:


DrPK, you’re new around here, I see. Well, welcome.