Hey MINNESOTA Dopers! I Need Some Info, Please!

I just got word that my cousin is going to be moving to the Roseville area, near Minneapolis/St. Paul. He graduated from college in January, and is going to be a teacher. My family is so proud of him!

Anyway, he’s looking for information about housing, things to do/not do, places to go/not go, that sort of thing. Things a person new to the area would need.

Any information you could provide would be most appreciated! Feel free to email me! Thanks a million!

Hey Persephone, I don’t know exactly what you are asking about and I guess I’d need to know a few specifics about where your cousin is going to live (house or apartment, in Roseville?) to answer. A good place to start getting info is on the Star Tribune website: http://www.startribune.com/homezone/
They also have a few good articles about renting that were useful to me when I was looking.

I live in Mpls, but my friend lives in Roseville proper. When I see him, I’ll ask about any specific areas of town.

I have friends in Roseville. Nice town, several shopping malls, theaters, close to freeways. Fairly quiet. He probably doesn’t want a place too close to the Fairgrounds, though.

I agree with Ethrist on the fairgrounds. Basically the only thing I worried about being able to avoid in Roseville was to have a route other than Snelling Avenue to get places during Fair season (or one of the car shows, or any number of other events that clog traffic there.)

Overall, Roseville is pretty suburban for all of it’s proximity to Minneapolis. The crime rate’s pretty minimal, what I’ve heard about the area schools is good, and there are a good number of major freeways and good bus service to most of the city.

So what are your cousin’s priorities? Own, Rent?

Places to go, things to see… Hmmmm… Como Zoo is very close to Roseville, has a moderately good Zoo, and the Conservatory’s a wonderful escape from cabin fever during winter.

What are your cousin’s interests/hobbies? Where’s he moving here from? The book “how to speak Minnesotan” would be a good addition to his book shelf if from a good distance out of state.

What age will he be teaching?


I just moved to St. Paul from Chicago last year. I work in Roseville. It is a good area - very close to both Cities, but certainly suburban enough, if that’s what you like.

Persephone, if your cousin will be renting, I would advise him to start looking for an apartment NOW. The renting market in The Cities is at something like 99% capacity and it might take him two months to find a place, if he’s picky. Not to scare you though!

May I add a plug for the St. Paul Pioneer Press’s web site? http://www.pioneerplanet.com. St. Paul rules! Minneapolis drools! :slight_smile:

I have some more info from a newcomer-to-the-Cities perspective, if you want it. Let me know!

I can concur with beefymeg here (and where were you, meg when we had our last Dopefest?! :slight_smile: ) about the state of the Twin Cities housing market. It is VERY tight right now, and landlords are getting picky about who they’re taking.

That said, there are a lot of things to do in the Cities. We have the Mall of America, which is the largest mall in the United States. It’s always good for bad weather days. The Minnesota Zoo is also indoors, and it is a pretty good zoo. On the St. Paul side, the Como Park Zoo is another option.

The Twin Cities area has a lot of cultural activity. Check the Star-Tribune and the Pioneer Press. We also have a number of sports teams, the Minnesota Twins and the Minnesota Vikings, and the Minnesota Wild as well as minor-league teams.

I hope this helps. :slight_smile:


You just repeated yourself :smiley:


Hey, I just mentioned the 'Queens cuz they’re in Minnesota. :smiley:


For now.

Thank you all very much for your information! And keep it coming, if you’ve got it! I’m going to send him this thread.

He’s looking to live in Roseville, since that’s where he’ll be teaching (at a Lutheran HS). Rent, not own. Not yet, anyway. He’s only 21. There’s time for that. He’s got a vehicle, but I don’t think he’s got a problem with public transportation, if it’ll save him a few bucks. :smiley:

Here’s sort of an overall look at The Land of 10,000 Lakes. It’s a pretty neat site (definitely check out the jokes sections).

I must say, Persephone, that he should trek on up to Brainerd if he wants to just get away. we have TONS of golf courses (ranging from 15-275 a round), excellant fishing, lots of recreation, 2 malls, a couple 5-star restaurants, and many Resorts/ho/motels.

Tell him to make *damn/i] sure to keep up on Roseville’s snow emergency parking regulations during the winter time. I’ve never lived in Roseville so I don’t know what they are but if he doesn’t pay attention, he’ll end up getting his car towed.

…and tell Torgo to make damn sure to use the freaking code thingy right!

I fully expect to be attending San Antonio Vikings games within the next five years or so. With any luck, Denny Green will refuse to move with the team.


Ahh, hell. A thread I can contribute to in detail but happen to be in a bit of a time crunch right now- Some major PC problems on my end right now. I’m kinda checking in here periodically as a breather.

Think of some other things he’d like to know and I’ll check back tomorrow and give you a run-down of what I know. I grew up only a few miles north of Roseville.

P.S.- Thank God he’s not going to teach at Roseville S.H… I didn’t go there (I went to Mounds View), but that place… well, ahh, he’s not teaching at Roseville S.H., right?

I’ll type up whatever you want to know tomorrow afternoon. Check back.

Perseph -
Does your cousin already live in Minnesota? When I moved here, I had some SERIOUS sticker-shock at the price of new license plates. $170 for my 4-year old Corolla, $240 for Mr. Beefy’s newer Toyota. OUCH! So he may want to start “saving up” for when he’ll need new plates.

“Public transportation” is practically a foreign concept here. There are buses, but I haven’t had the inclination to figure them out yet (plus the drivers keep getting shot, it seems).


What are you thinking? If they leave the state, I don’t really care how they do anymore, I don’t want them leaving Denny here!

Denny must move, Denny must move far away :slight_smile:


Just a note about housing… my SO is a realtor in the twin cities metro region and it’s a sellers market, very little middle income housing and the houses don’t stay on the market very long. Renting is a nightmare— near to nothing available and sky high. Hope your cousin finds a nice place without too much hassle.

He can have my place. Two bedrooms, two bathrooms, kitchen, breakfast room, living room and all the closet space he can handle for about $950 a month. Parking included. (that alone can be anywhere from $50 to $100). The downside is, it’s in Woodbury.