Hey, Mom, why'd you give me the klutz genes?

I’m an adoptee who was recently found by his birth mom, and vice versa. (Long story.) Turns out that my birth mom and birth dad got married, and they had three kids – two brothers and a sister. I have full siblings that I never knew about until a month and a half ago.

Since we found each other, through corresponding and talking with my recently discovered birth mother, and more recently my two brothers (Sis won’t know about my existence until this weekend), I’m learning all about the origins of my appearance, my personality, and my quirks. It’s all very mind-boggling.

One of my brothers was recruited by a MLB team. He went to college instead – on a full athletic scholarship. Another brother went to college on an athletic scholarship. My sister is one of the top college lacrosse players in the Northeast. I’m very proud of them all, and I admire their talents.

I was picked last for the team in gym class through elementary and high school. Dead last.

My siblings and I resemble each other in an uncanny way. We’re all pretty attractive. We share similar builds, similar faces, similar personalities. Sure, I’ve got an IQ that would make any parent proud – academic scholarships helped me a bit through college, and paid completely for grad school. I was one of those kids who didn’t study much, partied quite a bit (my handle elmwood is a tribute to Elmwood Avenue in Buffalo), and still got decent grades.

Hey, I should feel lucky I was born at all, that so many people love me, and that I didn’t end up in the hospital dumpster. In fact, I do feel blessed. Still, though, good grades didn’t get me the girls. Being picked after the kid with a leg cast, limp or a club foot in a co-ed gym class doesn’t exactly do much for your desirability, or for your self-esteem. Yeah, brains are what matters in the long run, but dang it all, couldn’t I have gotten just a touch of large motor skill … enough to catch a ball, ride a skateboard, or ski something more advanced than a green hill?

Anyone else here a klutz with jock siblings?

You’re also a mother who recently found her biological child? That’s a freaky coincidence. :smiley:

My older sister is an officer in the Army. She was the track and field type in high school, and was the first and only girl on the wrestling team at our school.

I’m a nerdy geek who played golf for one year in high school because I’d then be able to get a school permit and drive to and from school. The only ‘sports’ that interest me are archery and the various facets of urban exploration, during which I usually injure myself.

Have you found any attributes that you share with your bio mother or father that previously you thought of as being ‘nurture’ rather than ‘nature’?

Sometimes I wish I was adopted just so that I could honestly way that some people aren’t my relatives. :slight_smile: