Hey, my new business is online!!! Come see...

Some of you may recall a pit thread or two about my achingly miserable day job at Bose. I’m a business planner - which means that I figure out what our call center needs and write specs for the programmers to change our software application to meet those needs. I’ve been at this company for 10 years.


So, I’ve taken the first step towards freedom… I’m starting to teach baby and toddler music classes! Yea!!!

I just wanted to share my website with y’all. I’m so psyched - and your feedback is totally welcomed. And God, if you see any spelling or grammatical errors, please, please, please point them out.

It’s super simple - just a one pager with logo and text. I’m going to get some Mommy friends together this weekend and take photos, so that I’ll have some for the site. I’ll also start advertising this week in local newspapers and by putting flyers around the city.

Thanks for looking!


Congratulations on the new business venture!
The site looks good. Very functional, and yet pleasing to look at.
It also sounds wonderfully fun, for you, and the families.
Again, congratulations and good luck with it!

Am in much the same situation myself.

Congratulations and best wishes

Congrats, Morgainelf! Good luck escaping from the evil empire that is Bose!

Thanks for the support! Debaser I’m sure you remember it well…

Now the trick is getting people to actually see it. Any advice on how to get to the top of the Google list?

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That’s fabulous! I took “Kindermusik” with my son when he was a toddler. The Kindermusik people around here advertise in the monthly papers, including a local parent/family rag.

One of the things I really liked about my teacher is that she was so understanding about my son’s curiosity and need to wander. She immediately said “Is he a recent walker?” (He was). She said it’s perfectly normal for them to need to explore a room instead of pay attention. I’m so glad she said that, because I felt like all the other parents were staring at my “ill-behaved” child. And she wasn’t offended that he wasn’t enraptured with her–she was just happy to have him get the positive music experience. I am sure you’ll be a similarly compassionate teacher!

Best of luck with it.

Thanks, Cranky! I had a similar experience when I took my daughter to Mommy and Me classes.

We also took a Baby Yoga class when she was very new, and the instructor was great about making sure parents felt comfortable nursing during class if they needed to, (or giving a bottle, or changing a diaper, or just getting up and walking around a bit…)

The best thing about these classes is the interaction between parent and child, and giving parents a reason to get out of the house and interact with other parents in the community.

I hope I can help the parents in my class feel as comfortable as you did in the Kindermusik class.

Thanks for the kind words,

Also, thanks to the Dopers who’ve visited my site. My hit counter actually has numbers in it. Whoohoo!

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