Hey, Omniscient: This is for you.

I think these two threads were funny.

First FantasticUser accuses Phil of doing something he hates when people do.

Then Phil uses a common FantasticUser defense for something he did.

I actually think they are both right.

First, nothing that FantasticUser has said so far has led me to believe that he is trying to get other users in trouble, or that he has a vendetta. That was just Phil reading stuff into his posts.

Second, FanUse, you should reread the thread, or atleast the synopsis that Phil so nicely did for you, until he was slammed, his posts were very nice and not warlike.
Then he got slammed and gave it back to them. Something I have heard another famous user say. I seem to remember an analogy about a neighbors dog and kids with sticks.

I really do think there should be a pit topic brought up about people who misuse the name troll.
Troll- One who posts flamebait, in order to get people’s dander up.

Thats my definition, and what I thought most of Usenet and the internet consider a troll.
(A good example, would be someone going into a jello newsgroup. And apropros of nothing say that Jello tastes like melted human flesh.)


Are you going to deny that you have threatened to do so? Because we can go to the tape, or more specifically, the “I’ll Kill the Bastards” thread in MPSIMS.

And are you going to assert that none of your other personalities have done so?

“Argue with what I said, not what you think or hope I said.” - Me

C’mon Phil,
That Kill the Bastards thing was a disgusting display of racism. I was glad Ed stepped in and said something. If someone were to be “told on” that would be a thread were they deserved it.


Ok, pricciar, I see your point, and on that basis I apologize to Contestant #3 for my accusation. The assertion is hereby withdrawn, and I further apologize for the “crybaby” and “vendetta” comments.

“Argue with what I said, not what you think or hope I said.” - Me

Yep, in the thread where the guy posts in MPSIMS comments reeking of racism against Mexicans, I DID in fact state that I was considering reporting those words to the moderators. And in fact I did send Zotti an email with a link to that thread and a link to the thread in MPSIMS where you are telling Omni to “suck your dick” and “fuck his wife and family”, etc.

I did not add comment, only provided the links so that Ed could see for himself. I never asked that they be punished, reprimanded, or banned as you have mischaracterized.

As far as I know Ed did nothing more than to issue a statement in each thread asking for a halt to that behavior…nobody was punished, reprimanded, or banned Phil.

Furthermore, I am ONLY posting as Fantastic User. I have never ever used more than one screen name at a time. Please don’t mischaraterize me Phil.

BTW, I don’t want or need your apology.

Don’t be a jerk.
He offered a real apology. You not accepting it is pretty weasly.


Pat, look at the time stamps buddy. I was typing my post while he was sorta apologizing. I was telling him in advance that it didn’t require it or want it. I didn’t see his “apology” until after I finished typing and had posted. Give me a little break eh?

Well, the point certainly stands that suddenly you are eminently concerned with the orderly running of the SDMB. That handprint on your ass must still burn, huh, buddy?

Also, it takes a true pussy to not accept an apology. Congratulations for reminding us what a pussy you truly are.

“Argue with what I said, not what you think or hope I said.” - Me

C#3 AKA Fantastic User has the remarkable talent of alternating between pathetic, bizzare, and self-righteous indignation.

Stick to the “Aliens Among Us” stuff, C#3.
Intelligent discourse is not your strong suit.

Sorry Fantastic User.
I didn’t read the time stamps.
I thought you had read the apology and not accepted.

But, you seem to continue to put “apology” in quotes. Why? It looked sincere.

I agree. It takes a man to apoligize. And a pussy not to accept. To use patently sexist terms.
Or in other words, to offend another group. It takes a true lady to apoligize, and a dick not to accept.

I guess you get the point.



He doesn’t get to express his opinion because some people won’t like it? Fuck that noise…

That doesn’t strike me as accurate. If no one was interested in havin gthat fight, why did they respond to him? They had to KNOW that he was going to defned his position.

We know how it works around here…anyone who chose to jump his shit knew exactly what was going to happen. they could have simply ignored him. They didn’t.

Who has claimed that he can’t express his opinion?


I totally agree with you. It does suck that Walter Payton and Payne Stewart died, but I don’t have enough tears to mourn thier loss.

I am sick of the “Cult of Celebrity” that this country is gripped by. He was a fucking GOLFER. Walter Payton was a fucking FOOTBALL PLAYER. They both did good things in the community and for others but how many people die every day who are better people than they are and yet…These people are mourned.

Don’t even get me started on the magazine publisher or the peoples princess.


I’m not a shrimp, I’m a King Prawn.

-Pepe the Prawn

Phil, FrankD6,

It’s perfectly Ok for you to view the death of Walter Payton that way. It’s your perogative.

Just don’t expect people that feel differently about his death to appreciate you going into a thread in MPSIMS and belittling their sorrow…

ooopps…sorry…I meant to address that to Frankie…not FrankD6