Hey, Omniscient: This is for you.

Pursuant to Ed Zotti’s moderation in the MPSIMS forum, I’m posting these here instead, from the “Goodbye Sweetness” thread.

Hey, Omniscient, fuck you, your wife, your parents, and the horse you rode in on, OK?

A highly overused one, IMNSHO.

If common sense is so common, how come more people don’t have it, huh? Huh? Answer that!

What hypocrisy, exactly? I stated an opinion, explained the opinion, and am sticking with it. It’s not like I say one thing and mean another. Do you even know what “hypocrisy” means, dummy?

I have done no such thing, liar. I merely detest public grieving for famous people.

Which they are not, and in fact death is the
great equalizer. I can now play golf better than Payne Stewart and outrun Walter Payton.

Excuse me, but I did not belittle anyone. I said Walter Payton’s death was no more or less important than anyone’s one your local obituary page. Do you need drawings, or maybe a guided reading?

Suck my dick. How’s that for perspective and emotion, asshole? Nobody elected you SDMB Armchair Psychologist, IIRC. I think “People live, people die” is a rather realistic perspective, frankly.

Yes, it’s so tough being famous. Boo-fucking-hoo. As John Lydon once said, “If you don’t want to be famous, simply stop. Easiest thing in the world.”

Did I say there aren’t entertainers whose work I enjoy? No, I didn’t. Will I miss their work when they’re gone? Perhaps. I mean, it sucks I can’t buy new John Lennon albums or see new James Mason movies. Will I pretend like my dad died when they go? Nope.

So then you DO think the deaths of non-famous people don’t matter. Thanks for making it explicit.

Unless you aren’t famous.

So I can’t offer an opinion contrary to the prevailing one? Sorry, Slappy, I don’t take orders from you.

Upon further reflection, Omniscient, you’re a much bigger dick then you accuse me of being here. You’re the one at fault.
I have, in every post, offered a well-explained and well-defended opinion as to why I don’t think the deaths of celebrities are any more devastating than those of any other person, and why they shouldn’t necessarily be promoted as such; and you use it as an opportunity to launch into a vicious personal attack full of personal insults and pop psychology. Good way to not address the issue.

“I love God! He’s so deliciously evil!” - Stewie Griffin, Family Guy

pl,you said you can now outrun Walter Payton. Yeah,but I bet Chris FArley is funnier than you right now! :wink:

I have to doubt that you can play golf better than Payne Stewart. What with him being six under, and all.

Livin’ on Tums, Vitamin E and Rogaine

Phil, we get your point. It was just as tragic as every death every day.

The point you miss is this:

Someone I care for or admire dies.

I mourn him and say what a tragedy he died.

Phil Dennison says, “get over it, it’s no more tragic or sad when anyone dies”.

That is rude and condescending to anyone who felt affected by his life and death. The point of the OP was to express grief and sadness. If your comment will take away from this communal mourning, why say it? It seemed like you just wanted to get your “digs in” (trolling).
Think about it.

The end.

The problem here is simply one of perspective. Phil was looking at the big picture while others looked at the man. In my opinion, both views are right. It’s just that the telescope and the microscope see different things.

This space for rent.

Duh, that was the point? Hense the preceeding line “death is the great equalizer”. Or do you just get off on stating the obvious?

O p a l C a t

Just a little word play, oh feline of semi-precious stone.

Six (feet) under is where Payne rests today.

Six under (par) is a particularly good golf score.

Livin’ on Tums, Vitamin E and Rogaine

Opalcat, I’m pretty sure you read it wrong. Read it again. I have to doubt, not I have no doubt. Pretty funny.

You see, six under meaning par, not…of fuck it, jokes aren’t funny if you have to explain them.

I got the joke and I have to admit it was pretty funny. :smiley:

Seven days of sex makes a whole week.

When did he say this? That may be what you heard, but I don’t think that’s what he said. Phil did comment about the concept of people “deserving” to die, whereupon his shit was promptly jumped. Everything spiraled out of control thereafter.

Maybe the “Sweetness” thread was not the appropriate place for that particular discussion on the implications of celebrity. I’ve always felt a certain freedom to express my thoughts and feelings within the sacred confines of the SDMB. I balance that with a concern for the feelings of others. I don’t tell everyone exactly what I think of them or the things they hold dear all the time.

That being said, I still don’t find Phil’s original comments at all offensive. I think the people who reacted would have blown up at anybody who posted anything other than praise of Payton as a saint on the earth. Those same people have been around here long enough to know that if you attack Phil, he WILL fight back.

Plunging like stones from a slingshot on Mars.

Sorry big guy, single, and I hate horses, though hung like one…OK, out of 8th grade mode now.

Phil, regardless of what I see as a double standard concerning celebrities, your post was completely tasteless, ignorant, and above all trolling.

You want celebs treated as equals, so you chime in screaming that its no big deal, people die everyday, and we are lemmings for feeling a connection to this man. Yet when someone speaks of losing a loved one (see the tragedies thread in MPSIMS) you don’t jump in and tell them to get over it, and that millions die everyday, and the person you’re mourning is no more important than the others who perished. Fact is, if people care enough to speak well in memory, then its important here.

Your double standard is in the fact that you’ll critisize a greiving, or any positive comment for that matter, about a celeb. Yet grief of a typical person is fine. Thats contrary to you assertion that these people are equal to others. They are known by more people, so more people mourn them. If you don’t approve of the feelings for a celeb fine, but how can you deny peoples choice to mourn them?

Above all you hijacked a very positive thread about a sensitive topic for the reason of trolling, and picking a fight about celeb worship that I, nor anyone else I’m aware of, had an interest in having. This bespeaks of your arrogance and selfishness, and taints any opinion I had of you. You would have been well within your rights, and good taste to start a thread in the GD section to discuss that value of mourning celebs. Or flamed off in here about Satans comments, but the way you handled that and went out of your way to have a fight about it is pathetic. Thats all I have to say.

Sorry, Omniscient, but I think you were way out of line in the original thread. You wrote:

This is a personal attack on Phil’s sense of tact, and on his character. You could have addressed Phil’s words without attacking what you perceive as his personality flaws. Later, you added gasoline to the fire by writing:

Again, you choose to attack Phil’s person rather than his words. You should have followed your own advice and saved it for the pit.

Even though this is the pit, I want to give credit where it’s due. Brian did what you should have done, Omniscient. He offered an olive branch and reaffirmed his respect for Phil, while responding to Phil’s words.

These kinds of personal attacks outside the BBQ pit really make the whole experience less enjoyable for everyone (including me).

Add “trolling” next to “hypocrisy” under “list of words that Omniscient doesn’t understand the meanings of.”

Screaming? Get a grip, dude.

I never said this, liar.

I did say this.

Another lie. I never said this, either. Argue with what I said, not what you think I said. If you need a guided reading I can provide a facilitator.

This is the fourth lie in a single post. See the “God and Death” thread in GD where I told someone exactly what you allege I do not tell people.

But my opinion, because its different from yours, is of course unimportant, is the implicit statement here.

Lie #5 In A Continuing Series–Collect 'Em All! I do not criticize “any positive comment . . . about a celeb.” In case you haven’t noticed, shit-for-brains, I’m a big, BIG fan of music and movies. I don’t go out of my way, though, to pretend that filmmakers and musicians are doing me a personal favor by being famous. They’re doing their jobs.

They are equal to others. Maybe you just have self-esteem problems, I don’t know.

I don’t deny their choice; I disagree with it. Is English your first language, or what?

I didn’t pick a fight, I offered an opinion-- one which you’ll happen to notice that UncleBeer, Frankd6, and a couple others actually agreed with. Even Drain Bead provisionally agreed with me. You picked a fight, you jackass.

>snicker< Yeah, it was so high before, My Little Buddy.

Er . . . you aren’t in charge here.

Nope, again, dickhead, you started a fight.

The only real honest conclusion I can come to here is that you are simply really, really stupid. You appear to be unable to comprehend written English, to use fairly common words properly, and are uncomfortable with opinions that do not equate to elevating the famous to demigod status. That’s really all I can make of it: You’re simply not terribly bright.

“Argue with what I said, not what you think or hope I said.” - Me

I think Phil is just Mr. Sunshine! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: When and if he dies,lets all get together and not cry.(pl,you probably know this is meant as irony,the bbq pit wouldn’t be the same without ya. :frowning:

I think that Phil’s posts in that thread in MPSIMS were rather un-MPSIMS-like. That is my opinion.

Ummm, yeah, he admitted to that and moved them here. And told Ed to delete em.
Unless you are talking about the earlier post, which was very MPSIMS like, in my opinion. No personal attack, no vulgarity.


Keep in mind, pricciar, C#3 isn’t going to be happy until everyone who ever exchanged words with him is punished. He now has a vendetta, because he’s a big crybaby who can’t accept responsibility for his own actions.

“Argue with what I said, not what you think or hope I said.” - Me

Oh that’s rich…Phil who posts:

…goes on to respond to this simple statement of mine:


Geesh, he doesn’t want people to mischaracterize what HE says, but he’s perfectly happy to mischaracterize me via a simple statement that I made…hey Phil, if you don’t understand what I said, ask me. I will restate it to the best of my ability…right?

…or do those rules only apply to you?


Are you going to explicitly deny that you are now going to go out of your way to get other people punished, reprimanded or banned? I’m affirmatively accusing you of it right here. If it’s untrue, say so, and I’ll apologize. If it isn’t untrue, that it wasn’t a mischaracterization.

Also, excluding my response to Omniscient, please detail, with quoting, exactly which of my posts in that thread differed signicantly in “MPSIMS-ness” from anyone else’s, and how they so differed. If you cannot do so, I’ll expect an apology.

“Argue with what I said, not what you think or hope I said.” - Me

Fantastic User has not asked for anyone to be punished, reprimanded, or banned.

I’ve done that in your “Reading Comprehension 101” thread…like I tell you there, comments like yours at a eulogy are inappropriate and not at all appreciated by the grieving, no matter how much philospohical “truth” there might be behind them.