Hey so I've got crazy crooked teeth. Should I smile bigger?

I’m 37 years old so who even knows if something like this can really be changed at this point. But anyway, what do you think concerning the question of whether it should be changed?

Due to having crazy crooked teeth, I have always had this really awkward smile. If I can’t keep my mouth shut in this embarrassing looking grimace, I still keep my teeth firmly covered by my lips even if I’ve opened my mouth. So when I’m open-mouth smiling I look like some kind of weird muppet.

I could, were I so inclined, work on displaying a toothier smile in the future.

But which do you think is less alarming for an open-mouthed smile? A classically normal one that actually displays teeth–and those teeth turn out to be very crooked? Or a classically awkward one that displays no teeth?

Crooked teeth = lower socioeconomic class.

Frowning/solemn face = scary serial killer. Or at least someone who is not friendly.

If you’re trying to impress the upper crust, maybe hiding those teeth would be the best way to go. But most people aren’t rich. They just want to know you’re an okay guy.

I know a very attractive woman who happens to have a giant gap between her two front teeth. She is constantly trying not to open her mouth when she smiles and it really just makes her look ridiculous. If she’d just get over it and smile naturally, she’d look great. But I know it’s a big mental block and it’s tough to just “get over it.” I suspect you may be in a similar boat, looking ridiculous trying to hide your teeth with an unnatural smile.

Any smile you think about will seem forced and awkward. Try to quit thinking about it and your teeth entirely and smile accordingly.

Well I haven’t thought about it for decades.

Hmmm you could get braces but they are a pain in the ass and you have to be committed as far as rubber bands and such if you need them. My teeth were straight but at some point after high school I developed an “open bite” it’s not something anyone ever noticed, but my teeth only touched in the back so I could not for instance bite all the way through a sandwich. I had to endure having all my wisdom teeth being removed and two jaw surgeries one where they cut my upper palate down the middle and expanded it and another where they literally cut my upper jaw off and repositioned it, fastening it back in place with titanium and having my jaw wired shut.

I vote for just own it and smile big.

And/or British.

Or you don’t want American teeth because you don’t feel the need to look like everyone else.

What does that even mean?

I would say that as long as you don’t look terrifying when you smile (ask your friends/family their opinions), you can safely do what feels natural. :slight_smile:

For most of my life I smiled with my mouth closed, mostly due to pronounced canine teeth. The rest of my (visible to others) teeth are not perfect, either.

When I started smiling with my mouth open, after awhile, it felt pretty good. I still look like a chubby gremlin, but I try not to let it bother me anymore. :smiley: