Hey, some good news for a change! Rescued dogs going home...

30 dogs in one house, 19 of them already dead…

[standing ovation and a dozen red roses for whoever it was who finally blew the whistle on this woman]

Was the woman ill that she was unresponsive in her bed, and was that why the animals were neglected? Had she been taking care of them well at one time? The article didn’t specify that information.

I’m glad the surviving dogs are okay now.

That’s a terrible story, but I’m glad the survivors are going to good homes.

I, too wonder why the woman was “unresponsive in bed.” Was she ill? Mentally ill? Sounds like an awful situation all around.

If you ever want your emotions to go from horror to hope in record time, sit down and talk to anyone who works in animal rescue. It’s amazing how some of these animals can be turned around, and the patience and love exhibited by the people who take on the task.

Too true! I’m proud to say that I have fostered/rescued a number of dogs. I feel absolutely wonderful when I send a rehabilitated dog off to a loving, permanent home!

Sounds like another case of “pet hoarding” to me. Glad to hear that someone blew the whistle, they deserve a medal.

Thanks for some good news DDG!