Hey, sports bettors! Some bargain to be made for you?

Just for fun, I’ve compared the odds of different online bookmakers regarding the World Cup, and I’ve found quite significant differences.

England’s market leader, Ladbrokes, has the following odds for tournament winner:

Brazil 3.75 (I converted it from British style to continental style, because I personally feel this is more handy. 11/4 British is 3.75 continental, right? If not, the entire post becomes pointless.)

Argentina 4.50 (7/2 British). ditto Italy

France 7.00 (6/1)

Spain 9.00

England 17.00 (16/1)

This Austrian bookmaker, OTOH, has:

Argentina 4.00

France 5.00. ditto Italy

Brazil 6.00

Spain 10.00

England 12.00

If you’re skilled, you might be able to draw some advantage out of these odds methinks. When examining other bookmakers as well, one could possibly find more arbitrage opportunities.

[sub]And no need to worry about me - I’m not going to do this. I wouldn’t be skilled enough for stunts like this anyway. Let the experts do it.[/sub]