Hey St. Louis..

Who’s yo’ Daddy?


All fans in this thread of football teams who have won a SuperBowl, please raise your hand.

Oh, is it just me?

Let’s try to be a bit more inclusive. All people in this thread who are fans of teams with a 6-1 record, please raise your hand.

Oh, still just me again.

Before we get all cocky about our teams, how about we wait till the end of the season and see who’s still standing, m’kay?

I have my hand raised.

yep, yep, yep - me too!

And now, highlights from Sunday’s Saints-Rams game, my comments in italics:

[John Madden]
Y’see, y’see, what he did here. He, he, he, he fumbled the ball (telestrator circles the ball falling from the hands of a Rams player) and that allowed the Saints to recover, setting up that scoring drive.

Now here on this play, y’see how Warner threw that pass? And the ball was in the air there and the defender was able to get over and catch it.

Now here, what the Rams did, they fumbled the ball again. (more actions with the telestrator during which time Madden circles everything remotely football shaped, including the head of one unfortunate fan in the stands as Madden gets wildly confused) And you can, you can see how the Saints go after the ball, cuz in football, you want possession. Cuz the only way to score in this game is if you have the ball.
That Madden guy’s a genius I tells ya!
[/John Madden]

This sort of thing goes on for most of the 2nd half.

And for you wiseacres with your hands up - let’s narrow down the hand raising to fans of teams with a 6-1 record, shall we? :stuck_out_tongue:

Er…can I get in with a 5-1 record and a Super Bowl win?

I wasn’t going to let you in, Dyno, but I think this thread will have sunk to the forgotten depths of obscure MPSIMS thread by next week, so sure, you can sneak in. :smiley:

Well, yeah…me posting to it pretty much ensures that it dies a quick death, dontcha think?

Still raised.

Hi, I’m Tequila, I live in St Louis, and I like the Saints. [sub]Man, wasn’t that a fun game to watch? I was on the edge of my seat the whole time![/sub]

Hey Crunchy, I’ve been reading what Warner & the Rams are saying. The Saints didn’t beat them, they beat themselves. Well lets go back 12 months, it looks like the Rams beat themselves 3 out of 4 games. Maybe they should dress out the cheerleaders. Just remember who sent your excuse making Rams home last year. The Madden stuff is pretty funny. When I watch the Saints games I turn the sound down and listen to the local radio broadcasters. I like Madden, but we usually draw the 3rd team color analysts.

How about three superbowl wins and an improving team who beat the reigning NFC champs this past weekend?

Uh, who’s that?

¡&$%# Redskins!

Oh, OK I remember now. That team in Washington. Forgot about them. He, He.

My hand is raised to cheer on the amazing St Louis Rams, on their way to New Orleans to win another Super Bowl!

Just trying to save face. True, the Rams beat themselves (in a way) by turning over the ball 7 times and making a costly penalty at the end that cost them a chance to tie or take the lead. Without the turnovers, the Rams would have won that game. My take on it - the better team doesn’t turn over the ball 7 times in a game. When you play that sloppily you don’t deserve the win.

And as for the Saints knocking out the Rams last year, what can I say? With the defense we had all last season I’m surprised we made the playoffs at all. Better to get knocked out early than waste everyone’s time.

And Tequila - I know you’re a Saints fan, but I won’t hold that against you, since there’s other things I’d rather hold against you, IYKWIM. groooowwwll :wink: