Hey Stan, could we pick up the pace here?

The weekend of November 10th, I headed down to D.C. While there, I bought the Washington Post, which I love. Of course, I read the comics. Spiderman was chasing a werewolf in Central Park. (I don’t get Spidey in my local paper).

The weekend of December 1st, I went down to D.C. again, and again picked up the Washington Post. Of course, I read the comics. Spiderman was being chased by a werewolf in Central Park.

Yesterday, I was at the train station in Philadelphia. The newstand there sells the Washington Post (at a 1.35 for a .25 paper, but that’s a different rant). I bought it and, of course, I read the comics. Spiderman and the werewolf were figting in a museum right off Central Park.
So, seven weeks have passed in our reality, but only two hours in Spidey world. One day in Spideyworld equals twenty months in our land. And this is supposed to be an action comic strip?!

Mr. Lee (and Mr. Lieber), could we move things along a bit? At this rate, I will die before Spidey finishes off the werewolf. And my death will not be premature. I will have had a full life, outlived a dozen wives, seen my great-greatgrandkids get married, and, BTW, cured cancer before Spidey runs out of frickin’ web formula.

Thanks in advance,


Sigh. There’s the top reason I don’t bother to follow the serial strips any more.

Monday: Re-hash last week’s strips, so that the people who don’t get the paper on weekends remember what’s going on.
Tuesday: Re-hash the weekend strips, so that the people who don’t get the paper on weekends catch up with the story.
Wednesday: Re-hash Monday and Tuesday, just in case someone missed those days. Advance the story line.
Thursday: Re-hash Wednesday’s advance of the story line, and then advance the story line a bit more.
Friday: Re-hash Wednesday’s and Thursday’s advances of the story line.
Saturday: Re-hash Monday through Friday, because you don’t want anyone missing important information that you’ll have to just re-hash on next Monday. Not that you won’t re-hash it anyways.
Sunday: Beautiful color strip re-hashing everything that happened the previous week, because some people only read the comics on Sunday.


Admittedly, I can understand some of their problems- they’re trying to write for several different audiences who read at different times (weekday readers, weekend readers, Sunday-only readers, every day but Sunday readers), and fitting Sunday strips into a continuing story-line is a bitch-and-a-half (according to Bill Watterson; apparently, Sunday strips need to be sent in a few months earlier than dailies, so you have to have things pretty damn well plotted in advance and pace yourself carefully).

Still, what pissed me off about the Spiderman daily comic wasn’t so much the slow pace as the realization three years into running it that they had written the story into an endless loop- Origin re-hash leads to Green Goblin leads to Kingpin leads to car theives leads to origin re-hash. So after three years of reading, I was basically back to where I had started. Blech.

(Though apparently they’ve been adding new plots. Still, the agonizingly slow pace of the storyline keeps me from ever bothering to read such things again.)

So, John, you’re saying that Spidey is a typical Webmaster, with endless looping of links reverting to the same dumb stuff you’ve already read? :smiley:

Actually, Stan Lee is with DC now. The folks who bought Marvel out of bankruptcy a couple of years back finally realized that they could make more money if they didn’t have to pay Stan his couple of Million or so every year. Seems that being the most respected old hand in the industry isn’t enough to earn your paycheck any more.

The folks at DC then realized that they could make a “Jeezus-Kriste-woulja-lookit-all-them-zeroes”-illion bucks if they let Stan Lee take a crack at their heroes. I’m not sure if the books are out or are going to be out soon. I only follow the comics scene, not the actual comix themselves.

Stan Lee Media, by the way, I read in the paper, is way down from its opening stock price, but that seems to be no different that most of your new media startups.

We now return you to Spidey, and that werewolf, already in progress.

“My Spider Sense is tingling. This side must be the Denorex.”


Myron M. Meyer
The Man Who

Partially incorrect. He’s doing a series of one shots as a fifth week event for DC. He doesn’t work for them, he is freelancing.

I agree with the sentiments of this thread. I will point out, for the sake of accuracy, that after Spidey was battling the werewolf on 12/1, he went home and discussed the matter with MaryJane. In the month-long serial, nearly 22 hours have elapsed, not two.
(I’m sorry I know this, but I am compulsive about reading the comics. I read Mary Worth, fercryinoutloud (although I don’t look for the plot resolution if I’m on vacation and don’t see it for a while). Anything in a panel gets read. If I pick up a strange paper in another town, I read Brenda Starr (or whatever) knowing that I will never see the next day’s re-hash. As I said, it’s a compulsion.)

Thats absolutely sick, Tom.

Absolutely sick.


You wanna know sick, Homer? I once surfed the ‘Net looking for nude pictures of Broom Hilda. Found some nice images of her and Hobbes doin’ the nasty.

You are beyond twisted. Now I feel compelled to do some searches in Google. Gee thanks.

Did you ever read the rare Mary Worth in which she counsels her friend to commit suicide?

::shudder:: OTOH, remind me to send you the video clip of Smurfette and …


Gawd, what a twisted, evil, disgusting bunch of people you are! First I find that tomndebb, one of the saner members of this loony-bin, reads Brenda Starr and Mary Worth. Then SPOOFE takes us to new depths of depravity - and inspires yo’babe to do Web searches for examples of same.

snif I’m proud to call myself a member of a community such as this. What a bunch of guys - and gals. :slight_smile: