Hey! T-Mobile decided to do something helpful!

This morning I got a call on my iphone. Looked at the phone. The caller ID said;


And nothing more. Not that I would have answered it, because I don’t answer calls from numbers that I don’t recognize, but I still surprised and happy to see an actual warning.

I have been getting these for a couple weeks now. Now I wish T-Mobile would quit sending those calls to voice mail after I stop my phone from ringing.

T-mobile thing, or a fishing technique ala the Nigerian scam, where they make it as obvious as possible they are scamming you, so that, if you respond, you are clearly high in gullibility and will fall for their schemes?

No, it’s a T-Mobile thing.

I use the Truecaller app and just assumed they were the ones tagging numbers as “Scam Likely” rather than it being a T-Mo thing. One advantage is that when I block with Truecaller they don’t get access to voicemail, so for the moment that’s working pretty well.