Hey, thanks!

Really, thank you for the easy-to-understand article about why you can’t survive on seawater (http://www.straightdope.com/columns/read/2131/what-would-happen-to-you-if-you-drank-seawater). After reading several exhausting forums and websites, yours finally gave me a simple yet detailed explanation of the process. Way better than “it dehydrates you to death”. And now I’m $10 richer!

I remember hearing something about mixing sea water with fresh water to extend the drinking water supply. It may have been an experiment conducted on the Kon-Tiki voyage, or I may have heard it or read somewhere else. I recall – or think I recall – that the study was conducted or suggested by the RAF.

Does anyone know the experiment/study I partially remember?


Hey, Blow Zack, thanks for the kind words! (I’m “Dex”, the author of that particular staff report.)

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Thanks, naita.

Based on your quote, I probably heard it from reading or watching Kon-Tiki.