Hey! That ultrasound hurt!

I’ve had quite a few ultrasounds in my life, but never one that caused me pain-- until today.

As part of my physical therapy for an injured knee, I received some ultasound treatment. It was warm and vibraty and sort of pleasant until it reached a certain spot and then YEOWCH! How can ultrasound hurt? I mean, it’s just sound waves, right?

Was the person giving you the ultrasound actually touching you with the instrument? Maybe it was the instrument hitting you in the wrong way.

I had an ultrasound for an ulcer and it was one of the most painful things I’ve ever experienced at the doctor’s, but that was because the nurse was pressing the instrument very hard against my wounded tummy.

It’s sound waves which heat up internal tissue. Ordinarily, it doesn’t heat it up enough to hurt, but I could see there could be a change in density going over a muscle or bone which would react differently to the ultrasound, and generate more heat.

Ultrasounds can hurt when used for rehab. They shouldn’t hurt much - maybe be uncomfortable, but not overly painful.

Did your therapist go at it straight away, or did they ice you up first? Being iced up (numbed up) helped me.

I’ve had it for my funked up knee before. After a while you get used to it. May even miss it when therapy is finished - I did.